Many Wounded Remain Lonely


The words in this picture are so true for many who have been hurt by others. Many wounded people put up barriers to protect themselves from getting hurt again, basically isolating themselves. I pray that all hearts will be healed to receive all that God has planned for each person… for we were not created to be alone.

When I saw this picture,
I knew I needed to share.
For many things in this life,
are truly not fair. Continue reading

HE LIFTS US UP: You’ve Got a Friend

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As I was praying one morning with all the turmoil that had come against me, the thought came to me, “When you are down and troubled, you’ve got a friend”. Yes, I have a friend that I can always count on…

You’ve got a Friend.
Some last forever…
some come to an end.
But there is One,
who’s always with you.
He is always available,
and always true.

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Who Am I?

Who am I?
Who are we?
Many ask this question,
until they truly see.
For hearts are hardened,
until God opens the door.
Then we realize who we are,
and then truly want more.
For we are His children…
heirs to His Throne.
And there is so much more…
than we have ever known. Continue reading

Happy Resurrection Day!

Happy Resurrection Day!

This is a glorious day! It is a day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior! He overcame the grave to give life to all. God loves us so much and gave us a Gift that Lives forever.  So many of us have suffered abuses but God’s grace and mercy is unending. His Love is so abundant that we can not even comprehend. The scripture that I keep thinking of this morning is Ephesians 3 where Paul talks about the revelation of God’s great Mystery. I want to share it with you this morning. Continue reading


Jesus Lives

As I prayed this morning for a special message for Easter, this are the words that I received. I want to share them with you and wish you all a very Happy Easter.

As I pray this morning,
for my next words to say…
I suddenly feel His Presence,
and a strength rising in me today.
And these words now come…
like a tide rolling in.
And His Presence is strong…
as this message begins.

Still many don’t believe
or think that He is dead.
Then others don’t realize His Power,
still considering Him a “Baby” instead.
But He is no longer “Baby Jesus”…
as some religions still proclaim.
He is a Mighty Presence…
in those who declare His Name. Continue reading