DV Awareness: Rejected or Neglected?

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For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I want to remind you that so many of us have been rejected and/or neglected with various abuses in our lives. Just know that Jesus knows how we feel for He has walked that same path. He has also showed us the way to overcome… We just need to follow Him!

and feeling all alone?
Or neglected…
where no love is shown.
For so many are abused…
and broken down by man.
But Christ knows our pain…
being abused by human’s hand. Continue reading

Religion vs Relationship: Which Do You Seek?

There are so many who are hurting around the world today. They seek answers and a source of strength to get through the depression and oppression that surrounds them. They struggle through each day and try to find their way. But God has given us the Answer… for Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life…”

Religion versus Relationship…
now which do you seek?
For religion is man-made…
but it’s a relationship that I speak.
For God sent His Son…
to show us the way.
And it’s all about Him…
every moment of the day. Continue reading

Dedication to Secret Angel Ministry


Thanks to Rick and ChristianBlessings. I also want to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all of my followers and supporters of Secret Angel Ministry. Your support is greatly appreciated. I also ask that you please join me in prayer for all victims of abuse around the world. As we come together in prayer, we will make a difference in someone’s life. God bless you all!!

Originally posted on ChristianBlessings:

Took the time on my daughters Facebook this morning. Found this touching video. Worth dedicating to the cause of stopping abuse. So glad Jesus meets needs and answers prayer. God Bless you Secret Angel. Keep up the good work. Christ is behind your ministry and doing something. God never quits.

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