Getting Cold? — It’s time to “Start A Fire”

With this cold weather that is spreading across the US this weekend, it is time to warm up… and even “start a fire”. Many of us go through stages  of uncertainty or fear and may even be lukewarm or even cold towards God. But God knows our hearts and waits patiently for us to turn to Him with a longing and desire for Him. He knows many hearts are cold and bitter.  But, it’s time for our fires to be started and even restarted! I pray that “fires” will be ignited in the hearts and souls of people around the world and that lives will be changed by the Power of God. Continue reading

Sometimes We Don’t Understand– But Just Pray for “Thy Will”

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Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen in our lives or the obstacles that we face, but we can always be assured of God’s mercy and grace. He sees our struggles and knows our pains, but He is always in control and will turn our brokenness into gains. So just trust Him with our lives and all that we have to overcome for when we leave it all up to Him and pray for “Thy Will”, we will see abundant blessings to come.  We just have to trust Him. Continue reading

High Tide…

I want to share this with all of you who have ever felt like the tides were crashing in on you. And I invite you to join me in following this inspirational young blogger.

Just Live

Do you ever have moments… Really days… That sometimes feel like they’ve morphed into weeks… And weeks that seem like they’ve evolved into months… I’m talking about the kind that continue to rollin on you… The kind that you can’t seem to turn off… And the force of them all together is about to knock you over?…

In so many ways, well I feel like that’s what life is right now… I feel like I am standing on the shoreline and that there is a storm raging around my feet… And all I can seem to do is stand still because standing still is the only hope I have of keeping my balance in the sand as the tide rolls in…

And, at times, I feel like the tide is rolling in faster than I can keep up with… And it’s taking strength that isn’t even my own to stand…

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The Story Of A Snowflake

A great analogy about our lives…

My God, My Music, My Life

This is a story of a snowflake. A unique and one of a kind snowflake. All snowflakes are  made that way by their creator.

The snowflake in our story was filled with joy. He loved being a one of a kind snowflake. He has his own personality and demeanor. He truly enjoyed being a snowflake.

When it was his time to go and fall to the ground he was ready. He remembered everything he had been taught. He remembered how much he was loved. The most important of these was to spread the word of love. To teach others what a true, sincere, and  unique kind of love looks like.

As he was falling to the ground he looked around at all of the other snowflakes. He could see they all were different than him, but they all had the same smile that he did. They were all so happy…

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This posting brought tears to my eyes for these children.

ANNA WALDHERR A Voice Reclaimed, Surviving Child Abuse

WARNING:  Graphic Images

A 7 year old in Pennsylvania shared with her school bus driver that she had been unable to wake her parents [1].  Christopher Dilly and Jessica Lally were discovered to have overdosed.  The child’s younger siblings – ages 3 months, 3 and 5 years old – were found in the home.

Ashley Hutt and Mac Leroy McKiver, a pair of addicts in Washington, have been charged with repeatedly injecting their young children – ages 2, 4, and 6 years old – with street heroin to keep them quiet [2].  The children were living in squalid rat-infested conditions, their home littered with drug paraphernalia.

All seven children have been placed in protective custody.

Where was God in all this?  Could He not have intervened?  Such evil is staggering.  Confronted by it, we cannot help but cry out.

God is not immune to our pain.  Nor is He indifferent. …

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