A new blog reaching out to victims of abuse… from one who has been there!!

new blog

I am writing this blog to reach out to victims of abuse as well as to provide some education about abuse. I am not using my real name, because unfortunately, like many, I have also been in an abusive relationship. No one can understand that feeling of being trapped and that feeling of hopelessness–unless you have lived it.
Like many victims, my life has been threatened previously, and I have had to get help to escape the craziness that surrounded me. Most people can not understand how this can happen, but I can assure you that victims never choose to be abused. They never want to be victims. Hopefully, through this blog, more people will be able to understand more about abuse and its victims….

8 thoughts on “A new blog reaching out to victims of abuse… from one who has been there!!

  1. Thank you for the follow at i know i can dance…..Your voice will speak to someone that needs the encouragement to seek out help. I feel strongly that darkness needs to be addressed and brought to light.. (:

      • Thank you so much for following and I deeply appreciate the support. My life has totally changed over the last several years. I know that I was rescued from my situation…and I want everyone else to find that way out. Check out Rescued! When I did not even know that I needed it… I am not the only victim that is so trapped by the abuses that they don’t even realize it… I pray for all and may God bless you!! Thanks again…

      • I am part of a ministry that reaches out to women in addiction & prostitution & we all know abuse comes w/ all of that. I am confident Gods plan prevails regardless of how things look/seem. I am blessed (so are you) & like you desire to spread my blessings to others. You’re doing a great thing w/ your blog I bless you in what you’re doing – xoxo

  2. You’re so right. Those who haven’t been through abusive situations can never truly understand the devastation and fear that accompanies it.They think something is wrong with YOU, because you allow it to continue. If I had not had the Lord with me, my life would have ended so many years ago. I felt I was trapped.

    I now understand I had to go through years of tremendous heartache in order to reach out to those who need to know there is still hope. May God bless you as you continue to write and bless others like us.

    • YOU are totally correct. Sorry, I thought that I had responded to this but I guess my comment got lost in cyber space. So many people are so trapped and bound by their situations that they do not see and even understand. I truly feel that God is calling out victims like you and I and others to start speaking out, letting His Light shine through us, that others will turn to Him and be rescued. THE LORD IS THE ANSWER. I thank you for standing with me and speaking out as well. That we may both be like Lighthouses with His Light shining forth… Bless you my friend.!!!!

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