DO NOT FORGET!! (2 Cor.1:3-4)

Do not forget the traumas and pain in your life. Forgive, but do not forget. Reach for the only One who can truly help you through those traumas and the pain associated with it. I am not talking about any human being. I am talking about our Great Comforter and Healer who will heal all wounds of our pasts. Nothing that has happened in your life is a surprise. He knew that it was going to happen before it did…and He has been waiting for all of us to reach for Him, to cry out for Him, and to make Him part of our lives where He will heal us, protect us, guide us, and provide for us.
I can honestly tell you that this was not the blog that I had planned for today. However, this topic is very heavy on my heart after visiting my mother today. My mother has also lived through several abuses in her lifetime. She always chose to forgive and FORGET, like I talked about in my previous post, “FORGIVING–Is not forgetting”… She willed herself to forget. And forget she did!! I have watched as she has forgotten some of her family members and friends. But she had always remembered her children—until today. It was probably just a bad day, but I realized the effects that the power of the words spoken when she chose to not remember. She had willfully chosen to forget—repeatedly saying that she did not want to remember the bad times, only the good. Well, I can tell you—remember the good and the bad! Remember it all! Just lean on the “GOD of all Comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in like trouble…” (2 Cor.1:3-4)

God will heal us and use us with everything that we have gone through to help others…
For those of us who have been so traumatized that we can’t seem to remember everything that happened in our lives, God will restore our memories as we pray for Him to reveal everything that was done in the darkness or in secret and bring it to the light. He will reveal it to you and help you to deal with it to complete your healing.
I pray for all victims of abuse, that they will rise up from the ashes to step into their glorious futures that God has planned for each…

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