Whenever something happens unexpected in our lives, the natural response is be SHOCKED! To begin with, I will include a dictionary definition of “shocked”:
1. To strike with great surprise and emotional disturbance.
2. To induce a state of physical shock in (a person).
3. To subject a person to an electric shock.
4. To come into contact violently, as in battle or collision.

I can honestly tell you that there have been many times in my life that I have been shocked—as probably many of you have experienced with unexpected things occurring. Today, many of us are shocked over the horribly devastating and tragic tornado that ripped havoc across Oklahoma with such damage and loss of lives. So many injured! So many deaths including children! So much destruction! It is simply horrible and heart-breaking! My heart and my prayers go out to all the victims of this deadly tornado. It is, and will be for quite some time, totally overwhelming for these victims as they try to take one step at a time to get through the turmoil surrounding them.

There have been so many of these devastating acts of nature where so much destruction occurred and many lives have been lost. Hurricane Katrina was definitely a “shocker” as we all watched as our fellow citizens of the country were pleading for help in over 100 degree weather with no food, no water, and no help in sight while lifeless bodies floated in the water in the streets of New Orleans.

There have also been many more hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, fires, and devastating events all across this country and world. Many times, unless it’s happening to someone that we know or love or care-about, we don’t really think much about it or give it much thought.

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Well, it’s time that we all start caring!! Yes, these victims are shocked! They need the support and prayers of people from all over the world. Other victims across the world are also shocked with what has happened to them. But, I also beg you to consider the victims of abuse. They did not ask for it and were also “shocked” that it happened to them. Women and children are being stolen and sold in human trafficking. People are being hit by their spouses. People run for their lives every day because of abusive threats. And, I can tell you that these victims also are feeling overwhelmed as they try to get through the turmoil in their lives… I know!! I was one of them…

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