BLOGGING: Jogging of the mind

Blogging is like the jogging of my mind

Blogging is like the new exercise of the mind

BLOGGING!! A whole new world… I feel like my mind is jogging away all the time.But, I am still trying to learn how to do this! I find that my mind just races away most of the night with thoughts on things to say. I can’t even sleep. It is a shame that any excess weight will not come off with just my mind jogging away.

Now, the problem is that I still don’t know exactly how to do this “blogging”. I bet the administrators of these pages just laugh at me with my attempts. I went from no categories and tags and no followers– to too many categories and tags but at least some were reading my blog. I did not know what to do to make it interesting and draw attention to it–then it hit me last night to try to add a photo…but I still don’t know if this will help or even if I am doing it right. I just want to get my message out. All that I know is that I want to shout from the roof tops for all of the abuse to stop! The words that we speak can be so destructive with lifelong effects. We need to build our children up…not tear them down. We need to stop the bullying! We need to stop the violence! We need to expose the abuses of this world because abusers like to hide behind closed doors or in darkness and in secret. We need to pray for all the abuse to be exposed and for all victims! And, we need to know that God is good. God does rescue. God does heal. God does deliver us from evil… I know, because He has done this for me.

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