Let the trumpets sound!! Sing for the victims!! (Joshua 6:20)

Have you ever had words dancing around rhythmically in your head? If you are like me, you may not be able to sing…but I know when the Lord is playing a tune for me or giving me a song in my heart. Tonight, I was hearing these words about abuse victims. I know that there are many more victims of abuse than most of us even realize. So much verbal and emotional abuse takes place behind closed doors where only God sees and knows what is happening.
I feel that God has been mobilizing an army to fight for all victims of abuse. And, just like the walls of Jericho just fell down as the trumpets sounded and the army shouted after the Israelites had marched in faith around it 7 days (Joshua 6:20), I feel that God will use His army, not by their power, but His Mighty Power to bring down the walls and expose the abuses taking place as well as rescue victims from their circumstances. We all need to keep praying for victims and that “what is done in the darkness, will be brought to the Light.”

So much hurt!
So much pain!
The “Walking Wounded”,
that’s their name!
Hidden deep,
where no one sees.
Scars of abuse,
but who would believe.
Behind closed doors,
the truth’s exposed.
The abusive attacks,
where no one knows.
The wounds are real,
but he would deny.
And she’s too scared,
to testify.
Verbal abuse,
many think its ok.
But it’s so destructive,
and being done everyday.
It tears them down,
to a point so low.
Then fear sets in,
with no place to go.
Many abuses,
and wounds so real.
But God sees all,
and only He can heal.
He’s calling His army!
Mobilize to fight!
Let’s rescue these victims,
and show them the Light!

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministries

28 thoughts on “Let the trumpets sound!! Sing for the victims!! (Joshua 6:20)

  1. Thanks!!! and thanks for following me as I try to reach out to the abused with hope and bring attention to the problem of abuse and the need to help its victims. BLESSINGS TO YOU….

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    • The Lord actually sang that song to me one day then woke me up again one night when Diana was working on the music portion and said “ballad. ballad.’ like a love song… Just like The Walking Wounded book and song and this blog…He is the actual author of it all. I am just hanging onto Him to see what He will do next in my life. God is so awesome!

  3. Every post is amazing and so well done, Angel! Praise God for you and sharing your expertise and talents in so many ways!

    Enjoy your day, my dear friend…

    • Thanks Steve. I really appreciate your support… but I can’t take the credit. God gave me that poem and lyrics one day and I just wrote them down. It is the lyrics to the song that I wrote “Walking Wounded”. Then He brought Diana Rasmussen, another abuse “overcomer” to write the music for our song. God is so good!!! When we open our eyes to see and our ears to hear, we can receive so much more than we realize. God bless you, my brother!

      • What a great “share” Angel, and a great truth too. We can see so much from our Lord if we are looking for it!

        The song is sad, but beautifully empowering…


      • Thanks. I felt that it was His song to victims. He knows their struggles and pain… and He heals. We just need to all reach out to Him. God bless you!

      • Better is a world who reaches to pure love than to pure evil…why can’t the world see that?

        I suppose they pay such thing no mind…the “world” will be the “world!”


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