This morning as I was working on my computer, I clearly heard the word… “Commissioned!”
Now, I have felt for months that God was mobilizing an army to help victims of abuse. And yes, God can sweep His mighty Hand across the land to fix everything that is wrong in a split second. God can do everything! But, remember, He gives everyone a free choice–the good and the bad. He could destroy cities like Sodom and Gommorah. He could create floods like during the days of Noah’s Ark to wipe out the evil in this world. But what happened after He did this–the world resorted to evil again each time. Now, when we look at the stories in the bible, when battles occurred, what do we see. We find David, a man after God’s heart, who as a teenager was able to slay the giant, Goliath…not on his own power but with the Power of God within him. Now David, even after he sinned, he truly repented and changed his behavior. David, a warrior for the Lord, loved God and tried to please Him. He fought many battles where he came against the enemies of God, eventually bringing peace to the land. Then we find Gideon, who God selected to lead an army against their enemies. Gideon had thousands of soldiers, but the Lord made him take only 300 men. They did not even bring weapons! They did not do it on their own power but Power of God was with them to overcome their enemies. Then, we find Esther who God placed in the palace as the Queen, “for a time such as this.” She was able to save millions of God’s people at that time. Then, we also find the 12 disciples of Christ who have spread the Word of God across the world, changing millions and billions of lives. Again, they did not do this on their own but only with the Power of God, the Holy Spirit, within them.

isaiah 61<a

Now, as we look at history, we find that God used His people to accomplish His missions. He used those who were willing to stand up and say, “Use me Lord! or Send me Lord!” So, as all of us look around at the situations across the land with all of the abuses in this world, all of the victims around the world, and all of the “wrongs” in this world, how many of us are just looking and complaining? How many of us are crying out for God to help and rescue each of us and this entire world? How many of us are crying out for revival across the land? How many of us are saying, “SEND ME LORD!”.

God is looking for a few good men and women, believers in His Power, to join His army to fight against abuse and rescue it’s victims…..ANY VOLUNTEERS?

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8 NIV)

11 thoughts on “THE GREAT COMMISSION!

  1. Interesting to me you wrote this. I am a Christian & I have prayed for victims for over 25 years. I just pray in the Spirit. I just started my blog “Do You Need to Tell?” telling my personal story in hopes someone will have the courage to tell. Thank you for stopping by my blog, for writing your own and for speaking out. I feel the Spirit of God is moving in just the way you say too.

    Jesus is coming back & IS the Messiah, that’s our main message but the REASON for a Savior is our personal stories.

    Nice to meet you my fellow warrior! God Speed! XO

    • AMEN!! God is so good! I clearly heard the word “commissioned” this morning and have felt for the last year that God was calling forth His army. God told me last year to write a book about my story and it is being published right now–The Walking Wounded. I have started this blog to reach out to victims of abuse and reveal what I have learned through my experiences through my life and what God has revealed to me. God has rescued me and I want to shout from the roof tops how GREAT HE IS….. Blessings to you!

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  4. Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog my very good friend and liking my post ”What happens when we refuse to seek God for wisdom”. Your post is touching and as Isaiah said, here am I Lord send me. Lets use the medium we have at our disposal to reach out to thousands that are lost so that they can come to the Father as prodigal children. Everyday, God is giving us more technology to reach out to many, how are we using these instruments? The truth is not hard to say, but who will say it is afraid to speak. Rid on my good friend, I am with you in this mission of God army of warriors.

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