I Should’ve Read the Instruction Manual

Have you ever bought something at a store that had to be put together? Then put it together wrong…because you did not read the instructions. So many things look so easy to figure out, but if you miss one step in the process, it throws the whole thing off. Then, you have to take it apart and start all over. Well, I have made this mistake several times. The most important step in that process should be to READ THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

Unfortunately, I was never encouraged to read the instruction manuals as I was growing up. I fumbled through every step and made mistakes. Many mistakes! However, you can not start life all over again. You can not back up the time when you make a mistake during your lifetime. I have heard many people say that they wished that life came with instructions!! Well, it does! It’s called the BIBLE!
the Bible

The Bible gives us instructions in how to live life. It tells us what love is, how husbands and wives should treat each other, how to tell a good person from a bad person, what is required of us, and what are the consequences of our actions. I can tell you from experience that the biggiest mistake that I ever made in my life was not reading the instructions that God gave us in the Bible. I prayed but did not read over the instructions. I did not read it until I had been abused and broken. God has provided us all that we need to get through life right there in the Bible. There is wisdom in the Psalms. There are guides for daily living and encouragement to get us through the rough times in our lives. It is our Map to use to get through life.

Oh, how I wished that I had read the Instruction Manual for Life. I would have had the ability to make better decisions and avoid the major pitfalls that caused many detours in my life and so much pain. Some people chose the bumpy roads and others chose the smooth highways. It depends on if they used The Map that God provided for us in HIS WORDS. We can’t back up time…but we can sure learn from our mistakes and take the right paths from now on as we walk through life. God even proved the Official Guide to walk side by side with us–Christ. Please don’t make the same mistake that I did. Read the instructions and let Christ be your guide….

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