HELP ME !!!!

I am just sitting here in my home and thinking about abuse victims and praying for them. I keep asking God to rescue them like He has rescued me…
Then, all of a sudden this song started playing in my head. I have found that God speaks to me many times through songs that just start playing in my head for no apparent reason…until I realize that He is telling me something. The song that was playing was a song from the Beatles that I have not heard for many years…
Listen to it and think of the words….

In this song, someone is crying out for help!!
They are saying, “Someone please help me!” and “Help me get my feet back on the ground!”….

I feel right now that God is saying for all who need help, whatever your situation is, CALL OUT TO HIM! Cry out to our Lord, Jesus Christ! He is the SOMEONE who can help. He can get your feet back on the ground. He died for all of us. Just as He suffered in this life, we also suffer. But He overcame this world and is the answer for us to overcome as well. HE SEES ALL, KNOWS ALL… HE IS WAITING FOR HEARTS TO TURN TO HIM AND CRY OUT TO HIM.

May the Lord bless each of who in need who are surrounded by darkness. Cry out to Christ, our Savior, our Rescuer, our Helper…What HE has done for me and others in need, He can do for you!

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