BEAUTY for ASHES: The Human Metamorphosis


When most of us think of a metamorphosis occurring, we think of tadpoles turning into frogs or caterpillars changing to beautiful butterflies. Unfortunately, most of us do not even consider the possibility of a form of a complete human metamorphosis. But then, most of us do not even see the total brokenness of some of our fellow human beings. Many people, including some of our family and friends, have secretly hidden the abuses that they have endured, until they have been completely and totally crushed by their abusive situations. In some cases, the more appropriate term would be “pulverized” where there is nothing left of the person that they were or should have been. In their brokenness, they are not recognizable or even identifiable. They have become a mere shadow hiding in the background of what should have been a happy, joyful life. The abusive words spoken to them have succeeded in destroying them emotionally and spiritually. The physical attacks have successfully disfigured them breaking not only the bones of some, but the spirits of all as well. The sexual abuse has crucified them as well—spirit, soul, and body. Every dimension of them has been altered and completely changed, like paper or wood burning up in a fire, where only the ashes remain…

I have seen the human metamorphosis. I have been there. I have been totally broken. I have been pulverized by the totality of the abuses. I have cried out in total brokenness in uncontrollable, wailing, heart-felt sobs while feeling like I had been hit in the chest with a high-powered rocket. Nothing left! Nothing identifiable in the rubble! Millions of pieces of me scattered everywhere. Destroyed at the hands of the person who said that he loved me!!

Then, a flicker of a Light came through my darkness. I glimmer of hope for me to hold onto like a lifeline. Pieces of me started coming back together, very slowly. The Light started getting a little brighter as more of the millions of pulverized pieces of my body, soul, and spirit started reattaching and reforming me back into a recognizable person. The ashes that were left when my world had been burnt in a flash fire of abuse, adultery, and pure desolation, finally started reforming into a person again, similar to the bones that Ezekiel prophesied to many years ago. The One who created me had come to my rescue and was reforming me. He was transforming me in my brokennes into “Beauty for Ashes”.

The complete metamorphosis of a human being is something that most people do not recognize is occurring—but then most of us do not even see the devastation resulting from the abuses of this world that caused the brokenness to begin with. However, God sees the hidden wounds down to the depths of our spirits and souls. He is the One who binds up the wounds of the broken. He can take those who have been pulverized and totally transform them. Again, I know, because I was brought back to life by the One who gave us all life from the beginning of time. And though, I am still a “work in progress”, I know that the “Beauty” shining from within me is from the Light that led me and my ashes out of the darkness.

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    • Thank you and thanks for following. This is still all new to me and don’t know everything about doing it but I do know that God is leading me and guiding me and I will keep walking in obedience to what He tells me to do. Let me know what you think of the other posts that you read..I just updated my blog and added an link so peple will know about the ministry that I have started and our goal. Thanks again and bless you for you support!!

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