Music…A Hidden Language of God

music notes
So many things are said through music and lyrics..but many times there are hidden meanings to what we hear in the natural. What I mean is –how does it make you feel? There are songs that make my spirit leap for joy and I know that it is not the music or the words…it’s the message that is being conveyed to me.

As I said in one of my postings in the last 24hours at, I have found that God speaks to me many times through music. As a young Christian, I cried out to God many times to allow me to hear Him. One of the first ways that I realized that He was speaking to me was through songs that would play in my head….again and again and again until I would finally acknowledge that something was going on. Then I realized that God was giving me a message through that song. That was how He taught me….

Now, the reason that I am sharing this with you is that for years, I had no one to talk to about my deepest, darkest feelings, I had no one that I could tell about the abuses, the negativity, the harrassment, and the low self esteem that resulted. BUT, I HAD MUSIC…
I could listen to music and many times it would encourage me and inspire me. I had no idea at that time that God used music to communicate….
So, for all of you victims out there who feel that they have no one to talk to, I recommend that you listen to music, listen to the words, listen to the lyrics, and pay attention to the feelings deep within your soul and spirit… It does not have to be “gospel” or “Christian” or “worship” music. God can and will use any to speak to you, just like He gave me that Beatles song mentioned on my last post, HELP ME !!!!.
Just cry out to GOD and ask Him to let you hear Him and His message to you. Your abuser won’t know what you are doing, but God will. HE WILL HELP YOU! He will encourage you. He will build you up instead of tearing you down. If you feel down, it’s not God! HE does not bring condemnation. He loves the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds… GOD IS OUR HEALER, DELIVERER, and REDEEMER.

5 thoughts on “Music…A Hidden Language of God

    • That was awesome and so true! Words have power that people do not know–same as music. Music has power to open the heavenlies up and usher in the miraculous. Blessings to you and your family.

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