Daily Prompt: FACEBOOK

cyber stalkerhttp://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/daily-prompt-facebook/

Almost anyone can use.
But the problem starts,
when things are abused.

Words that hurt.
Words that shame.
Pictures that reveal.
Who’s to blame?

Social Media…
this is not the end.
But someone has to watch,
to protect and defend.

Monitoring is needed,
No cussing should be allowed.
No half naked women or children!
Who is hiding in the crowd?

Who lurks in the darkness,
Out there in cyber-space?
Watching and waiting,
to find an innocent face.

Some innocent child,
or unsuspecting one.
Putting too much information,
Just going to have some fun.

Groups put a place and time
and openly set a date.
But whose been watching,
with a different plan for their fate.

No much violence these days.
Many are not safe.
Someone needs to be watching
and protecting our cyber-space.

Facebook is not at fault,
It’s the criminals to blame.
But monitoring is necessary,
and that’s a crying shame.

That’s what I shout!
And that’s what my blog is all about!

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministries

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: FACEBOOK

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  3. beautiful piece – i love it! I am not on Facebook – not desire, not interested. i have been attacked by a cyber bully – before this term was coined – he was/is my ex-husband. only form of communication we have – the only good thing about it – bad stuff has a way of coming back and biting one in the butt!

    • I totally understand!! That is the same reason that I never wanted a facebook. After being stalked, who wants to open a door for another possiblity for it to happen again. I also do not talk to my ex. We tried through email years ago and the abuse continued by email. No one saw it, the comments seemed ok but the underlying intentions were felt by me. A victim knows. I use Secret Angel now to protect my childrenn from his abuse. I hope this blog helps. Please let me know if any other help you. I have written a book that is due out this summer and it addressed pretty much all aspects of abuse.. God bless you and thanks for following…. Oh, the only reason that I have a “real” facebook page now is to connect my ministry to it…Check out Secret Angel Ministry..

    • Thank you so much!! and CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR AWARD!! Now, I am very new to this and really do not know what this “award nominations” are about. This is the second time that I get something like this and did not really know what to do with it. Sorry but thank you… STILL LEARNING THIS BLOG WORLD…. see my blog, FRUSTRATION, and you will understand….Thanks again.

      • no worries – we have all been there – if you need help just ask. i think you have a great blog and a very important message to get “out there”. i have a small blog – but I try to get new blogs out in the open, so to speak!

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