This blog entry will be short and sweet, hopefully.
I don’t usually get frustrated! God has blessed me with a lot of patience….. However, this blog world is FRUSTRATING ME!!

Or is it intimidated?
I feel like I am in a fog!
How do you get other bloggers to your blog?
Categories vs tags!! How do you know what to use?
And what is a “muse”?
Daily Prompt did not show!
This caused my frustration to grow!
My DPChallenge! On no list was it found.
This blog world! I’m having trouble getting around.
Seems it would easier to use,
If WP gave you a list to choose.
I choose too many; then I choose too few.
WP! I don’t know what to do!
I have a definite message to say!!!
But my frustration has sure grown today!
God, Please heal me of this too!!
I want YOUR LIGHT to keep shining through!

8 thoughts on “FRUSTRATION!

  1. I tend to tag mine ‘postaday’ and DPchallenge, amongst various other things. That seems to get some flow to your blog. Nice poem by the way.

    • Thanks.. sorry but I had to vent this morning. Still trying to learn the secrets of this blogging. I sure didn’t expect to write about “frustration” today. Blessings to you…

      • The poem worked well and it is always nice to have a vent 🙂 It took me a good 6 months to get a decent following. Also, going to your reader and choosing topics that you like and following them helps too.I think I spend more time reading blogs these days than I do actually blogging lol.

      • Thanks for the advice and your support. I just started my blog this month so I guess I should not get too aggrevated. I still have a lot to learn. Thanks again.

  2. First, don’t think of yourself as you and us as bloggers. Own the fact that you are a blogger. It took me almost a decade of blogging, before I owned I am a blogger.
    Second, continue to use your reader, follow tags you regularly use, and use the like and comment button on other blogs. You liking my blog (thank you btw) is what brought me here.
    Without prejudice
    With Absolute gratitude and love,

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