ABUSE to HOMELESS: The Thread that Weaves

homeless woman and child
I can tell you that this post started out as a “Daily Prompt” then I just decided to use it as a message. It is the first “fictious” story that I write, since I have never been to LA but decided to keep it anyway. Only parts of this is true for me. Unfortunately, I know that most of it is true for many women…. You see, I met some of these woman as I sought refuge in a “Women’s Shelter” for protection from my abuser. These women do leave with only the shirts on their back. They leave everything behind to protect themselves and their children.
I urge you to read this story / peom and realize the brokenness that these abuse victims and homeless people face to even get them to the situation that they are in. Sometimes we need to just open our eyes and see the pain… then open our hearts to them…. Oh and by the way, the “THREAD THAT WEAVES” this story with the others that I was going to write is ABUSE!! Children learn from parents; Children bully at schools; adults continue to abuse at home and then even at work.. I know… THE CYCLE OF ABUSE HAS TO BE BROKEN!

My first place to visit,
is the big city of LA.
Beautiful sites to see,
but none seen today.
I see the distraught,
homeless and broke.
Many in denial;
Thinking it must be a joke.
Millions visit the cities,
and look at the sites.
Never stopping to notice,
homeless people and their plight.
Then I see it!
something catches my eye!
A homeless woman and a child,
then I hear the other cry.
Nestled in her arms,
hidden from view,
A crying baby,
while the mom cries too.
No food, no water,
no money to buy.
They are tired and hungry,
and all just cry and cry.
I give them food and water,
and get them a room to stay.
Then asked the question,
How could this happen to people today?
The story that she told,
just broke my heart.
Then she said that’s not all,
it’s only the start.
The love of her life,
she met on a date.
But his lies and deceit
determined her fate.
Beat and raped,
two children she bore.
She really loved him,
but he called her his whore.
The attacks kept coming,
with drugs every night.
But when he touched her children,
She ran from his sight.
She grabbed the kids
with the clothes on their back.
With a vow to her and the kids,
she would never go back.
Homeless and broke,
living on the street.
She said at least they are safe,
and won’t get beat.
She tolerated the abuse,
was frequently black and blue,
But when he abused the children,
She knew what she had to do.
Protect the children!
Was the thought in her mind.
As she ran through the darkness,
leaving everything behind!

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministries

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