Prince of Peace


My Prince! My Prince!
How I love that you’re near!
The Peace is consuming!
Absolutely no fear…

That place. That Place!
I want to abide!
In Your Holy Presence,
I want to stay and hide.

Gently! Gently!
I rest in Your Arms.
You protect from danger,
and any possible harm.

The hurt! The hurt…
that this world can do!
But there’s total Peace,
when I am with You.

Broken! So Broken!
I yelled and I cried.
Then You picked up my pieces,
and stayed by my side.

Victims! More victims!
Abuse is so wrong!
But I have been healing,
and I sing a new song.

That Peace! That Peace!
It’s hard to describe!
My Prince of Peace,
in Your arms I abide.

by Secret Angel of Secret Angel Ministry

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013.

27 thoughts on “Prince of Peace

    • Thanks and thanks for checking out my blog. I know that God gave me the words to that poem and then I found that awesome pic that I know that God brought me to because I had never seen it before and haven’t seen it since. I am sorry for the abuse that you have gone through as well. I feel that God is calling us who have overcome abuse to speak out to help others. Blessings to you again…..

  1. Reblogged this on The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel and commented:

    Have you ever been scared and suddenly a wave of peace comes over you? Have you ever looked at a picture or even words on a page and suddenly a feeling of peace touches you? Well, let me introduce you to the one and only Prince of Peace. This picture with this poem says it all. He can use anything and anyone that He wants to. Remember, let the “peace” be your guide. If it is not peaceful, it’s not Him….

    • Absolutely, it’s an experience like no other. For me, another survivor of abuse, the problem is consistently trusting Him to consistently be there for me. It’s been a roller-coaster ride but the ‘violence’ of this has gradually reduced. And that image actually freaks me out, but that’s because God has made me aware that I keep Him at a distance because of how triggering intimacy is for me. I just wanted to say that, both to encourage others who read your wonderful blog yet feel far fro the faith and trust you have, but also to help others understand the complicated journey of faith that survivors walk. I have come to understand that it was God who understood this about me first and brought it to my attention. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog and admire your faith…..don’t stop encouraging!!! 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your kind words. I totally understand what you are saying regarding fear of intimacy once abused. I can tell you what I have done…As I have laid in bed at night praying and crying and asking God to heal me so that I can trust another husband when God brings me the right one,..I have asked God to totally consume me and purify me, totally releasing myself to God. As I did this, I actually felt His heartbeat, His consuming love and could feel His presence inside of me. He has shown me to totally trust Him. So, try that. I pray that God will reveal Himself to you in ways that you have not experienced yet. Bless you!

  2. Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog. God bless you for your work – He is the light of the world, without Him we would be nothing.

    • Thank you so much. The Peace of God is like nothing in this world and I pray that many more hearts will be turned to God so that they can realize that there is so much more than what we see and feel here in the natural. May God pour out His blessings over you my friend!!

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    • Thank you so much Andy for your encouraging words. God gave me that poem, playing in my head like a song– then lead me to that picture which I had never seen before but felt His Peaceful Presence as soon as I saw it. A Divine moment for me… I am so glad that you liked it. God bless you!

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