Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight? it goes back to Fear (Part 2 of Fear)

Fight Or Flight
At about 2am this morning, I published a post that is directly related to this subject. It is called FEAR, PTSD, and the Abused Woman. https://secretangelps911.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/fear-ptsd-and-the-abused-woman-2-tim-17/ I had no idea that the subject of the daily prompt would be FIGHT OR FLIGHT. So, here goes:

Fight or Flight? I can tell you that it depends…. It depends on the person’s level of brokenness. It depends on where they are with the level of fear that they exist in. To “fight” means to stand up for yourself against your attacker whether verbally or physically. To “flight” means to run, get away, escape, seek safety, etc. It is a matter of survival!
Well, I can tell you that most victims of abuse really don’t have much “fight” left in them. They have been broken, beat down–emotionally and physically. Maybe in the initial stages of abuse, the “fight” was still in them. But, it does not take getting attacked many times before they learn to either FLIGHT or NOT FIGHT! Those who “flight” in the early stages are probably better off. Those who stay and “not fight” may be continually beat down to a level of brokenness that they are almost paralyzed with the fear of being attacked.
Now, this is where the two posts connect. That level of fear in most cases is actually a PTSD, where victims cringe even at the sound of a simple noise that triggers a memory or something that returns a level of fear that is beyond explanation, unless you have been there. These victims live with this fear and a “not fight” mode until something happens and the “FLIGHT” mode is restored. My FLIGHT kicked in only after a serious death threat. My PTSD went back a whole lot further than the death threat. It was what kept me in the that situation longer than I should have been, while always praying for it to get better… Well, it did not get better until God rescued me from my abuser…. when I did not even realize that I was being abused any longer and had accepted that the abuse was normal…. Sad, but so true…

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight? it goes back to Fear (Part 2 of Fear)

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  2. I have been good at flight. My father was an alcoholic – all of my life. As soon as i could leave home I did. But I left home (in my mind) as a child, really. i had to.

    • I, on the other hand, was never good at flight. I always wanted to make everything better and just kept getting more and more broken till there was nothing left. I just posted part 3 of this series on FEAR–hope you enjoy!

      • From the time I was 4-19, I lived in fear of entering a room and I would find myself with an abuser, no one else. Most every day of my life from those ages I was on “hyper-alert” of someone who took advantage of little kids. There was more than one. Is there a sign on my forehead? Yes. Yes, there is.

        As an adult? Only prayer by other people got me through. I have 1 guilty, misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Four divorces. 5 marriages. Bad credit. Not sure how long that list is.

        Fear said, “buy shit you want because everything can change in a blink of an eye”.

        Fear said “eff that creditor, they have a lot of money”

        I’m going to close, my new friend, Secret Angel. The Bible says, “confess your sins, one to another & thou wilt be healed” I’ve never confessed these things before but I trust you are my sister and that I am healed, maybe in finances? I’m not sure. How very powerful we are. Thank you.

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