Daily Prompt: VIOLENCE! There’s an Army Rising Up! (Part 3 on 6/1/13)

army rising up

Well, I could not sleep most of the night with thoughts of victims of domestic violence and all other violences that are happening in this world. There was a restlessness that would not cease, so I stayed up and wrote two posts very early this morning as I prayed for all of these victims around the world. I know that GOD, our ELOHIM, our Yahveh or whatever name you want to call THE ONE TRUE GOD, is grieving over what is happening around this world. That was the picture that I chose for the Six Word Challenge for today–a picture of God crying as He watches over the world. See “My Life in Six Words” at https://secretangelps911.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/my-life-in-six-words/. Then, my second post was about all the violences around this world and how people just don’t even seem to notice as they go about their daily lives, as long as it does not affect them directly. See my post, “Self-Reflection Time: What Would You Do?” at https://secretangelps911.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/self-reflection-time-what-would-you-do/. I had no idea what the “daily prompt” was for today at 2 or 3am this morning.

So now, I will continue with the third part of this group of postings.

VIOLENCE! So much violence! I feel that God has been grieving over all that is going on around the world. The problem is that He gave us a free will to make our own decisions. Unfortunately, many in this world are not choosing the right path. Many are choosing to abuse women and children, steal and rape young girls, abuse drugs, abuse elderly, pornography, murder, cheat, steal, etc. All of the violence seems to be building up these days to a near breaking point.

Now, the HOPE that I feel is that God is raising up an army to fight against all of the violence going on in the world. He is mobilizing HIS army, stirring people up in their hearts, and calling people out to speak up about violence. Why do you think that I write this blog?

Now, you may ask how do I know this. Well, I just feel it. I will give you an example. Patrick Stewart is currently speaking out about domestic violence and PTSD. I did not see the video about his interview till late yesterday afternoon, after I had written about fear and PTSD. Now, I did not know who Patrick Stewart was. But earlier this week, I wrote FAITH: The Final Frontier, after I heard this in my head. I looked up the phrase and found that was the introduction to the STAR TREK TV show where they said, “Space, the final frontier.” Now, it is not a coincidence that a show that I had not seen since the 1960’s came to my mind while an actor from the show, Star Trek, is speaking out about abuse and PTSD. I truly feel that God is speaking to many people about these issues and stirring their hearts as well.
All that I can tell you, is that I feel that God is mobilizing His army around the world to do something, to speak out, and to make a difference. More and more will feel it and start speaking out. Just look at all of the blogs where people from around the world are finally speaking out about the abuse and violence that occurred in their own lives..
I feel it! There’s an army rising up!!! Do you want to enlist???

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: VIOLENCE! There’s an Army Rising Up! (Part 3 on 6/1/13)

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  7. Im sorry but this is the easiest way for me to talk to you; my blog has NOTHING to do with 9/11 and I have no intention of wanting to be associated with the various conspiracy theories about it. I am sorry if this is rude but I wanted to inform you in advanced.

    • No problem…but I really don’t know what you are talking about. I went through all of your posts and the only one that I saw that I liked was the most recent. I felt that it had something to do with abuse. I did not see a reference to 9/11 and I know nothing about any conspiracy theories to get into any discussion with anyone anyway.??Wrong blog???

      • I use Secret Angel as a former victim of abuse and to represent the faceless and nameless victims of abuse. Ps911 comes from Psalm 91:1 which was the prayer that I continually prayed and God answered and rescued me from my abusive situation.I thought that people may confuse it with calling 911 for help in an emergency but never thought about the day 9/11. II have started Secret Angel Ministries to help abuse victims so I use that name.I hope that clarifies the name that I use. I have my info on my blog about.me.

      • Thank you for the clarification. I can respect where you come from. Sorry about any oddness!

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