Abuses of this world, part 1: Verbal Abuse

repair an adult
In the last 24 hours, I have felt that I am supposed to do a series on the abuses of this world. There are so many victims across the world of various abuses, but every abuse leads to the same thing…a wound within each person. Then each wound leads to the same thing…a brokenness as the wounds pile up on each person.
I don’t know how many people will relate to this, but I feel that many people feel that verbal abuse is nothing. Most of us were raised hearing, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” Well, words do hurt! Words cut deeper than a knife! How many of us are stabbing others with our words?

Well, here goes… Part 1 of the series, “Abuses of this world”, VERBAL ABUSE:
You are so stupid!
You are so crazy!
You are nothing!
You are pitiful!
You are fat!
You are a disgrace!
You are a joke!
No one wants you!
No one wants to be near you!
No one wants to hear what you have to say!
No one wants to see you!
No one will ever marry you!
It’s all your fault!
You never do anything right!
I could just slap you!
I could cut your throat!
I could shoot you!
I could kill you!
I will kill you!
You better always watch over your shoulder, cause one day when you least expect it…

These are just a few of the things that I have been told over the years. These words that cut deep, where no human could see with the naked eye… But the wounds were there!!!
We can all fill in the blanks for the things that we have been told:
You are ________!
No one _________!
It’s ___________!
You never ______!
I could ________!
I will _________!
Anything negative, that “tears down” and does not “build up” is considered abusive.
We all need to watch what we say to our children and each other.. It is easier to raise a child up right than to have to fix them as adults…
This is a previously written entry if you want to read more:

22 thoughts on “Abuses of this world, part 1: Verbal Abuse

    • So sad!!! Even most gentle, loving parents tear down their children with harsh words that are spoken in anger, frustration, etc….. Much less those parents that are abusive to begin with! Thanks for following and my sincere thoughts and prayers go out to you!!

  1. I pray this resonates with those who have been verbally abused. It’s so difficult to erase those mental tapes that keep running even when we want them to stop. Thankfully, they can be overwritten given time and the right input with the truth that each one of us is valuable and worthy of love.

    • Thank you so much for your comments. It really means a lot to me. I have felt that I am supposed to bring attention to one of the abuses every day to reach those who need to hear that what happened to them was wrong. I pray also that God will touch each one and draw them near to Him as they read it..
      Thanks again and bless you for following me…

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  3. It is really hard to read, that others have been told such horrible things. I remember thinking I was strong… that the things that were said to me wouldn’t be handled well by other people, but at the same time I didn’t know how bad it was until I finally got out.

    Who said these things to you? Were they your parents or people you loved or both? I have found over time… after wondering how I could have been with such a mean man for so long… after going through a depression I didn’t even recognize, that my parents had been saying things to me all my life that were unkind. Sometimes my Mom would mask it as kindness, she still does sometimes. Now I respond – defend myself, but as a child I would just eat it.

    • I totally understand what you are saying. Many wounds of abuse start in childhood then open the door to marrying an abuser because we don’t feel that we deserve any better and don’t even realize the warning signs. Many parents innocently wound their children because ot THE POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD. We speak life or death over people by the words that we speak My childhood like many opened the door to a cycle of abuse that continued for many years in marriage. But God rescued me…when I did not even realize that I needed it… May God bless you!

      • Well I am glad to hear you are out of the situation and I too am out of the situation… now I just have the chance to see everything in a different light. God works in mysterious ways, there must be a reason we endured that, maybe to help others see the light.

      • Thats exactly right. God uses everything that we have been through and overcome to help and give comfort to others. He rescued me from abuse and then told me to write a book about abuse. It will be released in August. Hopefully that book with help many other victims to see that they are not crazy and help them see THE LIGHT who lead me out of darkness… Blessings to you…
        Thanks for following!

      • Congratulations!!! I am sure the book will help many. Clearly God has a plan for everyone… I am glad you can see his for you 🙂

      • As long as you don’t eat them and lose your way :p jk jk you would be totally fine to eat them… you can’t get lost.

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