Abuses of this world, part 2: Emotional Abuse

As previously blogged, I have felt that I am supposed to do a series on the abuses of this world.
Yesterday I wrote “Abuses of this world, part 1: Verbal Abuse… https://secretangelps911.wordpress.com/2013/06/06/abuses-of-this-world-part-1-verbal-abuse/
Today, I will continue with part 2 of this abuse series…

Abuses of this world, part 2: Emotional Abuse…
There are so many victims!! There are so many wounds! And, each wound on every victim leads to the same thing…a brokenness as wounds after wounds pile up on each person.
Now, many people use the word verbal abuse and emotional abuse interchangeably. However, emmotional abuse is actually inclusive of verbal abuse, but adds another diminsion of abuse. Not only is the victim torn down and beat down verbally, they are actually abused by the abusers actions…stopping short of laying hands on them which would go into physical abuse.

Isolating the victim.
Withholding love from the victim.
Ignoring the victim.
Silence treatment to the victim.
A “look” to the victim.
Not being involved in victim’s life.
Not accepting the victim’s opinion.
Showing no compassion to the victim.
Having victims “walk on eggshells.”
Reflecting emotions like anger or irritability without speaking.

In emotionally abusive relationhips, this abuse tends to happen every day which has more damaging effects than other abuses that do not occur every day. Part of the problem is that emotional abuse can be so underhanded or so sutle, that the victims begin to accept the behaviors as normal and does not even realize that they are being abused. Unlike just verbal where hurtful words are spoken and unlike physical abuse where the abuser becomes physically aggressive, emotional abuse can be totally unspoken and no actions involved. It is the nonspoken communication between abuser and victim that tears down the victim even more and has them “walking on eggshells” to avoid confrontation…. Again, I know! I walked on “eggshells” for years and apologized for millions of things that I did not do because of the anger projected from my abuser. But, most days, I still did not know that I was being abused…

13 thoughts on “Abuses of this world, part 2: Emotional Abuse

  1. Emotional abuse is very, very real and takes much time to recover from. I know what I speak about not only professionally but personally. My parents didn’t know how to love, and nothing I did was ever good enough. That led to my seeing myself as not good enough, and it took my becoming God’s and His sending those who could love me spiritually according to His way of life to break free from that thinking. The point is, it’s not enough to recognize the abuse, what’s necessary is overwriting those negative emotional tapes with spiritually and emotionally positive ones.

    Pastor Sharon

    • Thank you so much for your comments. I have felt that I have been shouting out from the roof tops how Great GOD is and He can heal us. So I was taking a step back with this series and trying to go back to being informational so more victims can relate to their abuse… However, I would love to add an addendum as a quote from you if you would like. or save it and have a collaborative effort towards the end for suggestions for all abuses….What you think? Thanks for your help Pastor Sharon…

  2. I am enjoying reading your posts about the types of abuse. I recently started a blog to help get out how I was feeling with the hopes of helping other people connect and not feel so alone. Great post; thank you for taking the time to define these different types of abuse.

    • Thank you for your support. One of the big problems with abuse is that victims get so used to it that they do not realize that they are getting abused. That is why I felt like I needed to put basic information about abuse to give something that victims could identify with. Hopefully it will help. Thanks for following and encouraging other victims to reach out for help. Bless you

  3. I think the last line you said is so hard for others to grasp…how can you not be aware it’s happening? Been there, done that, and I can say it did take a bit of convincing for me to see it. I finally found a really good book(got to find it for the title, lent it to my daughter) and it helped me understand why it was so hard for me to see. I even found out why I did a lot of things I did…like apologize a lot for things I shouldn’t have been apologizing for and being hesitant to give an opinion. The trouble was I’ve been in it over 20 years, so it’s taking quite a bit to change some of my behaviors and be brave enough to stand up for myself. One thing that’s always really bothered me is how much it seems others can’t really see it unless there’s physical abuse there…the problem is the people doing it are real good at not doing it infront of others usually. The whole submissive wife thing doesn’t help uncomplicate matters either.

    • I had to look at your name because I thought you were talking about me. That is my story too. That’s what people don’t understand–you really do not know that you are being abused. It’s a mind control that happens with these abusers.. and people don’t see it… I have written a book, The Walking Wounded, that will be released in August. It provides information about abuse and how the abuser manipulates and includes my story. I hope that you will read it. I think you will be able to relate to it. Blessings and thanks for following and the awesome comment!!! May God bless you!

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