EXPOSURE…the key to stop abuse!

expose abuse

Exposure!! Every day, I see many people on blogs telling their stories about the horrors of their past with various abuses…but all with the same wounds and brokenness caused by the abuse. I see famous people starting to speak out about domestic violence like Patrick Stewart, Tyler Perry, and Teri Hatcher. The key to stopping abuse is to expose it…
Abusers will continue to abuse until they are exposed. Rapist will continue to rape until they are exposed. Human trafficking will continue to happen until it is exposed and also until porn is exposed. How many so called “up standing citizens” work good, professional jobs all day, then go home and watch pornography at night. Well, the pornography industy has a direct link to the human trafficking industry. How many people pretend to be someone to the outside world, only to change behind closed doors in the privacy of their own homes?
So many wrongs in this world, but how do we make them right…EXPOSURE.
So many wounded people, but what is the first step to healing… EXPOSURE.
As victims, we need to break the chains of our past that hold us hostage from our future. We have to reveal the abuses and release the pain so that we can let go of the past and move forward.
I pray that every abuser will be exposed, every victim will be rescued, and every wound will be healed. I pray that everything done in darkness, will be brought to the light where it will no longer be able to fester and spread…

19 thoughts on “EXPOSURE…the key to stop abuse!

  1. With all due respect, some of the worst pedophiles and abusers are sanctified by those who espouse the word of Jesus. They are more evil than those abusers you talk about because those people who portray themselves to the world as one thing and then go home and watch pornography are business people, etc.
    The absolutely most evil ones are the ones who sit up there on Sunday and act like they are direct channels to Ggod and then go rape a boy in the back room after services.
    So please, as they say, Make sure your own house is in order before going out and trying to fix the problems of others.
    There is a lady on here who calls the Church for what it is. A way to try and control the people so that a few can benefit. Sounds like capitalism doesnt it?

    • You are correct in that there are those that are in the church (and out of the church) that are deceptive, fraudulant and practive evil while putting on a “show”. I totally agree that it is absolutely horrible what has been done to these unsuspecting victims who totally trusted these abusers hiding behind the name “god”. But I can also tell you that God gives each of us a choice, right or wrong, good or evil…and these who do these wrongs are not following the love of Christ. I can also tell you that each of us are held accountable for our actions and they will have to answer to God one day for what they have done… Now, I can also tell you that I do not represent a church! I do not represent a religion. I represent a “relationship” with the One who saved me, rescued me, and set me free… I have seen the facade of many and it is very easy for them to hide behind the social media which includes the church. But I speak about a pure relationship, not a church.
      Now, again.. I stand by my previous statement that Exposure is the key to stop abuse. No abuser abuses in the open for people to see. No rapist rapes in front of others. That is the KEY TO THEIR POWER…SECRECY! I also say that until people realize that looking at pornography, which they think is so innocent, fuels the fire to trap these innocent young girls into human sex trafficking, then the problem will continue to grow. There are many things done behind closed doors that add to the abuse problems of this world… No ABUSER, No HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKER, No RAPIST wants to be exposed…so that’s the answer…EXPOSE IT ALL!!

      • Exposing the abuse is the first step. Most if the time, the abuse stops when it is no longer hidden. I say most, because every circumstance is different. I believe educating people about abuse is key. Often adults get so uncomfortable, UNTIL it happens to them. We want to think it will never happen to us or our previous loved ones, but if we continue to live like this, then we are continuing to put our precious loved ones at risk. At least educate your children about abuse.

  2. You make a fascinating point. My abusers lived essentially what can be termed double lives. Outwardly and to society, they seemed like nice “normal” people while in private they were totally different. Noticing the recent acts of violence in the US by those lone gunmen and terrorists reinforces my point and yours. No one even suspected the incredible rage and violent capacity these young people have/had.

    Scripture says that what is done in darkness will be exposed in the light. Christians are the light of this world. Let’s shine on the horror of abuse so that abusers have nowhere to hide.

    Pastor Sharon

    • That is exactly right Becki… We have to pray for them to change so that our children and future generations will be changed. We also need to remember that abusers were once victims who learned from their abusers. The cycle has to be broken…

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