I woke up this morning with an old song playing in my head… so I looked it up…
“I Believe”

I could not remember the words, but this old video includes the lyrics.
I just knew that I needed to post this song and the words of the song.

There are so many different beliefs out there…and everyone feels that their belief is right.
So many people are so hurt by the abuses in their lives that they see through the wounds and pain caused by the abuses that they have endured. When someone looks out through the pain of their past, everything is clouded by the pain … which makes sense because that is what they have experienced. Our perception of things is based on our experiences. Some may look at a glass of water as being half empty while others see it as half full. Some may feel that someone coming up behind them is nonthreatening, while others will cringe or run or fight, depending on what their experiences were when someone came up behind them. Our reactions are a result of our experiences. Makes perfect sense to me.

Now, I can only tell you what my experiences have been. I had been a victim of almost every kind of abuse… mostly by people who claimed to love me. I can also tell you that they too had been abused so they were reacting out of their past experiences as well. I can also tell you that though the many abuses are different, they all still lead to brokenness…which is where I was. Totally broken. Crushed. I could not see through the pain or through the tears. Then, things started happening that I thought were coincidences… I was getting little signs of things that I had ignored before. My eyes were being opened…and I started believing in more than I had been taught at church. I was seeing God’s hand move in my favor. And these are the last words for you today…


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