Acrostic for Abuse

enough abuse
An Acrostic for Abuse:

A is for adultery, abandonmnet, anger, antagonistic, and any form of ABUSE
B is for bad, baggering, belittling, beating, breaking, and any form of bullying
U is for unrelenting, using, undermining, unkind, unfaithful, and (victims) unaware
S is for slanderous, shouting, slapping, sarcastic, and any form of sexual abuse
E is for evil, endangering, explosive, exploitation, and any form of emotional abuse
……….and ENOUGH!……….

When will we have ENOUGH of ABUSE and start speaking out and doing something to bring awareness to the problem of abuse. By victims speaking out, maybe other victims will recognize their own situations and seek help or guidance since so many victims do not even realize that they are being abused…

3 thoughts on “Acrostic for Abuse

  1. I so relate to what you said about so many victims don’t even realize they are being abused. I spent so many years trying harder to please my abuser and or not upset him that I did not realize that this was abuse. That I did not have to take this. That I was not created to take this abuse. I think early on I thought all marriages must be difficult. It is hard not to fee like a complete fool for the years of ignorance.

    • Been there…done that!! I really thought that it was normal… See my just published post on “normal”.. We accept what is abnormal behavior as normal. It is sad but true!!! I thank God that we have been set free and are now here to reach out to others.. and to shout out that this is not normal and that maybe others who are not abused will understand as well and be able to identify those friends and family who are abused.. Knowledge is the key to exposing abuse. and exposing abuse is the way to stop it. Blessings to you!

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