Billboard Messages…

As I wake up everyday, I ask the Lord what He wants me to do for Him. Now some may think that I am totally crazy. Others may understand what I am saying. But here goes…

This morning, I asked the Lord in my thoughts to tell me what He wanted me to do for Him today. Then, in a flash like a billboard, the word “Write! or Writer!” flashed across my mind. Now, in my sleepy haze, I was not thinking of anything other than acknowledging God who has rescued me and set me free from several abusers. I thank Him everyday for what He has done for me and wait on Him to open the doors that He wants me to walk through. The least that I can do is ask Him what I can do for Him. You see, we are His Hands and His Feet. He uses us as we allow Him to. So, I will write for God today.

Now, since I am opening my heart to tell you what I do every morning, I will tell you what I have found with my walk with God….

So many people think that God does not communicate with us any more. Then, some people think that God only speaks to a chosen few. Some even think that there is No God! I can only tell you what I have learned from my own experiences. You can take it or leave it…….

I can tell you that God will speak to anyone who wants to hear Him. Also, He can speak in anyway that He wants… He can not be put in a box and held to a certain expectation. So I invite you to try to speak to Him. Tell Him that you want to hear from Him. Tell Him that you are not even sure that He exists. He knows your thoughts anyway! Open your heart to Him. His Grace and Mercy are sufficient for anything that we have said or done or been through in the past. He can speak audibly, or indirectly through a person, a place, or a thing including a blog. He can show you signs. He can make the birds sing for you. He can speak to you with a song. I know that I saw “Write” so that is what I am doing today. I will continue to speak out about abuse and the ONE who came to my rescue… May God bless each and everyone of you!!

11 thoughts on “Billboard Messages…

  1. “The image of God is your final obstruction to a religious experience.” Yet you insist on knowing what this “Ggod,” is. You call it a man, a father. When you can say that this creator is in the form of a man, and show me proof, not dead peoples writings, then I will follow. If Ggod is the Father, where is the mother.

    What I find sad is that people think they know anything about this thing you call Ggod!

    “The ultimate, unqualified mystery is beyond Human experience”

    • ant that is exactly the point… It is not human experience. It is a Spiritual experience. It is beyond reason. It is beyond logic. I tried to reason for years with the same thoughts… until I experienced something that proved to me who He was. The real God, whoever you think He is or is not, knows exactly what you are thinking. So ask for the Real God to show Himself to you. I pray that He will give you visions and dreams to show beyond a shadow of a doubt who He is and that you will know the difference of which dreams are from Him and which are not. I have seen the miraculous and pray that you will too!! There is more out there than any of us can see with our natural eyes. Again, it is not a human experience….it is a Spiritual encounter.

      • I am glad that I have the wherewithal to not dismiss you out of hand for your bias. But it is people who say that there is only ONE. I know that there is a power, but I am not so closed off to say that it is any form I can conceive.
        I say bless you for you know not of your ignorance and limitations of how you perceive this power.
        Have a blessed Sunday!

      • If you want to talk “power”, then I can tell you that there several powers… There are the powers that rule this world, the powers of darkness. And yes, I have seen the powers of darkness try to hold me in bondage and even try to take my life. But I have also seen the Power, who saved me and revealed Himself to me in a Spiritual encounter. That is the Power that I talk about.
        Now, again, I encourage anyone who has seen these powers or Powers that you talk about to tell your story. Are they gods or Gods? Are they of darkness or of Light. Feel free to tell your experiences. I am not trying to be bias but just telling my story of my own Spiritual experiences…

  2. I LOVE your blog too 🙂 and i am blessed with this article, so true…and let us start to Ask what does HE want us to do everyday instead of telling HIM what to do in our live…

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