Normal? What is your “normal”?

enough is enough
Daily Prompt: The Normal
Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?

Being “NORMAL”.
Or “abnormal”?
What does that mean?
What have you seen?
What do you see with your own eye?
Is it happy or make you cry?
Where do you stand?
Do you work with your hands?
Do you have lots of money?
Having none sure isn’t funny!
Do you fly the world daily?
Or you home sick and fraily?
Do you work in the field?
Or do you hide and steal?
Do you drive a car everyday?
Or do you take a subway?
Do you ride a train?
Or do you fly in a plane?
Do you see the world’s sites?
Or do you barely have a light?
Do you live in an apartment?
Or sleep outside on the cement?
Do you live on a farm?
In a house or in a barn?
Do you live near a beach?
Where the beautiful waves reach.
Do you live where it’s hot?
With a smell of stink and rot?
Do you live in the mountains high?
Where you can almomst touch the sky.
Do you live where there’s snow?
And using sleds the only way to go?
Do you live in a luxuary high rise?
Living high up in the skies..
Or do you live in the streets,
Sleeping on the concrete?
Do you live a happy, joyful life?
Or a life filled with strife?
Do you get beat everyday?
And too fearful to say?
Do you get hit and scraped?
Or do you get beat and raped?
You see “normal” is what you are used to!!
But its time to bring attention too.
There is really no excuse!
For us to allow others to live in abuse!
So it’s time for us to speak out!
And against abuse, I will scream and shout!

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