Shattered Dreams…

dreams shattered
As I was waking up this morning, several words came to my mind…


The thought came to me as I heard these words of the countless number of victims of abuse, domestic violence, and broken marriages…then I thought…HEARTS BROKEN!
When we look at the high number of broken marriages, single parents raising children alone, abuse victims from childhood to adulthood, even grandparents raising their grandchildren, I realize the high number of broken hearts around this world.
No one gets into marriage with it planning to fail… or at least no one should or they probably should not have gotten married.
No grandparent ever plans to have to raise their grandchild, but sometimes they have to stand up to do it when the parents have failed due to whatever reason such as illness, drug abuse, abuse, or just neglect.
Not many parents plan on raising their child alone when they had 2 parents sharing responsibilities to begin with.
No child wants to have only one parent around or their elder grandparent when other children their age appear to have happy two parent families…
These are just a few of the examples….

So what happened. Everyone has dreams for their future. What happened to the dreams? No one wants their lives torn apart… but many lives are scattered, emotionally and physically. Parents divorce, then remarry, then have more children and everyone is scattered. What is the answer? Think about it!

6 thoughts on “Shattered Dreams…

  1. My best friend got married recently and it made me realize how much I’m lacking when it comes to family ties. She had close to 200 people at her wedding. Her parents are happily married and have been since they were sixteen. As an outsider looking in, I’m jealous.
    These are hard questions to answer and sadly there’s not an immediate solution.


    • I understand that feeling. I have cut so many ties as I have gotten away from those who have hurt me. It seems that only a portion of my life still existed. The doors were closed to many…cause I did not want to be hurt again…

      • I actually get sad when I think about not having the abundance of family around for things like my daughters birthdays, holidays, and special events. It’s not just me that I’m sad for… it’s for them also.
        It helps a lot to know that others know how I feel.

      • So many of us have wounds from abuse that has affected our children. I have found that all that I could do for my children was to just pray that God would protect them and heal them. I pray the same for you and your daughter. Thanks for following me and bless you… Thanks for commenting. It really helps as I try to learn this blog world… Thanks again.

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