Thanks for Rescuing Me! (Psalm 30:1)

Well I have written several times that I pray for God to tell me what He wants me to write about on this blog. So, again, last night as I went to bed, I told the Lord that He would have to tell me because I did not know what to write about today. Well, at 3:01 this am, I was suddenly woken up by a sound. I really don’t remember if it was a “knock, knock” or a “ring, ring” because I went back to sleep after I read my bible. You see, I know that it was God waking me up. I know that it was a scripture that correlated to that time… In fact, I knew that it was Psalms…I just did not know at that time what I would find…

It was 3:01 am. The scripture that I was lead to was Psalm 30:1 (NLT) —

“I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me.
You refused to let my enemies triumph over me.”

So, you see… I will continue to praise my God who rescued me from the abuses of my past.
I will continue to shout from the rooftops how great God is and how he can save many others.
I have been attacked for speaking out about God… I have received negative comments asking how I know about this God that I speak of. I will continue to say that I know who I speak of because I have met Him. I have a relationship with God. I know that He can do anything…even wake me up at a certain time with a corresponding scripture to tell me something if that is what He chooses to do.

I have previously written “Rescued! When I did even know that I needed it!” Please check it out!

So, today, in obedience to what God gave me this morning, I continue to praise Him for rescuing me. He refused to let my enemies who have abused me triumph over me. And, though I do not know exactly where this path that I am on will bring me, I will continue to walk side-by-side with my God, my Friend, my Rescuer, my Provider, my Healer, etc…because I have a true relationship with Him.

16 thoughts on “Thanks for Rescuing Me! (Psalm 30:1)

    • Thanks for your continued support Pastor Sharon.
      I just know that I am to be His Hand, His Feet, His Voice and that He is calling many others to speak out and do the same… The thought that I have had is that He is calling a generation like “John the Baptist”, crying out in the wilderness that He is coming… We just have to be obedient and He will do the rest!
      Blessing again and thanks..

      • Amen… Yes, God loves us all. We are all His children. I was not spiritually yielded at the time when I was rescued. He showed up because I needed Him. He revealed Himself to me then. It is since then that I have pledged to yield my self to His will and serve Him. Many people need to hear how God rescues. Please consider writing your story… I can put it on my blog as a guest writer… I would love to hear your story… May God continue to bless you exceedingly and abundantly…

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  2. You know what’s wonderful? We each have an up close and personal relationship with God and He’s always holding up His end.

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