Lighthouses……Let the Light Shine!


>>>>>>>>>>>>  Lighthouses  <<<<<<<<<<<<

The word “Lighthouse” came to me,

and this definition  came to be:

A beacon of light,

shining through the night…

Standing tall, by the sea.


These words I thought today.

So this question I will say…

What  kind of “Light” do you display??

The Light of Christ, I hope and pray!!!

11 thoughts on “Lighthouses……Let the Light Shine!

  1. How about the kind of light with in all of us. I call it The Cosmic Consciousness. The light that makes us , us. That light which never waivers or goes out until we cast this mortal coil.

  2. I love and collect lighthouses. I hope I am the kind of light that the Bible encourages us to be here: ” let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” Matt. 5:16


  3. I have always been fond of lighthouses. I grew up sailing and was told stories of how they guided the sailors home. That their light was a beacon to the lost. I’m reminded of the song, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” My light might be weak right now, but I know that God can still use it wherever He wants to shine some light. Darkness can not exist where there is light – even the light as small as a firefly (aka lightening bug). Thank you for the reminder to ask myself what kind of light I’m shining!!

    • Amazing… God is so good! I know nothing about lighthouses and have never seen one in person… but these words kept coming to my mind last night so I wrote that posting.. Then, today I heard someone talk about being a lighthouse to children. God knows exactly who needs to hear certain words each day. I know that He wants to use you to reach others as well..

      • Thank you for saying that. I often wonder if I am helping others on my journey. I write an e-mail newsletter each week for work that talks about God in our every day life and struggles (emotional, physical, and spiritual). Each time I write it I hope that it will touch at least one person’s life so that they might have the hope that God hears them even when they think no one has heard their pain!

        You are doing an amazing ministry here on this blog 🙂 Thank you…

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