To All Victims of Abuse…

You gave me life

To all victims of abuse…

So many of us have be victimized by the abuses of this world:

Verbal abuse

Emotional abuse

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse

Financial abuse

So many abuses!

So many victims!

The abusers are difficult to identify.

Their anger is hidden.

Their lustful desires are hidden.

Their perversions are hidden.

But, there is One we can always trust.

One who loves us no matter what…

One who will never hurt us.

There is One who helps us overcome.

There is One who heals.

There is One who restores.

There is One who redeems.

He has helped many to overcome.

He can help all of us.

We just need to turn to Him.

We just need to trust the One who will never abuse us.

He will never hurt us– only love us…

Try it…

You have nothing else to lose…

And everything to gain….

He will wipe away

12 thoughts on “To All Victims of Abuse…

  1. I pray that those who have been abused see God as He is and not through the distorted association that they have experienced with their abusers. Abusers are false authority figure models, and there is much to fear from them. God is love and won’t hurt us, and there’s nothing to fear from Him.

  2. you are quite right – my abuse took place within a “christian” marriage to a “christian” man – he was one person in public, including at church, and another person behind the closed doors of our home. His abuse included spiritual abuse – undermining my ability to trust the love of God for me.
    It has taken many many years since i have left the marriage to be able to learn that i can trust God’s love – that there is no fear in his love – that i am unconditionally accepted by him – that he delights in me.
    church people can be some of the most judgemental people i have ever met – and unless they too have experienced abuse they do not understand. Yes, marriage can be a beautiful thing BUT God is not an abusive father and he does not expect his daughters (or sons) to stay with a spouse that will not change and continues to abuse.
    Grace is a wonderful thing and Gods grace has rescued me. Those of us who love God need to also be quick to show grace to others.

    • Amen… So many people have been wounded, not only by people who so-called love them, but also by people who are supposedly Christian. People who have not been abused do not understand how victims feel and why victims stay in those relationships. Those who have been abused are so broken that they don’t think that they deserve better… I pray that they will turn towards the Lord, reach out to Him, and that they will be rescued just as you and I have been rescued… I am so glad that I found you and pray that those of us who have overcome, will be able to touch the hearts of others to show them a better way… Blessings to you!!!

  3. This was really touching, thank you, it’s really beautiful to see the passion and love from a fellow survivor!

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