FIREWORKS! (of a different kind)



Fireworks tonight!

The fuse has been lit.

Anticipating the sight!

Tension rises,

awaiting the blast.

Will it be short,

or one that will last.

Will we feel the force,

or just see the light.

How many explosions,

will occur tonight.


on the 4th of July.

But these that I speak

are not in the sky.

These fireworks,

do not confuse.

Occur more frequently,

with domestic abuse.

We await the blast,

and vicious attack.

He says he’s sorry,

but the anger comes back.

His fuse is short,

and keeps getting lit.

The abuse keeps cycling,

and she keeps getting hit.

Whether physical or verbal,

there is no excuse.

It’s time to speak out,

and expose abuse.


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