Forgiveness: The Healthy Thing to Do…

forgiveness has a price
Forgiveness: The Healthy Thing to Do…

We have to forgive.
We have to let go,
and begin to live.

Refusing to forgive,
holding onto our past,
ties us to our abuser,
and makes the pain last.

If you refuse to forgive,
and refuse to let go.
There is something important,
that you must know.

Heart disease, cancer,
arthritis and more,
all have spiritual roots,
and you open that door.

Every disease and illness,
has a spiritual tie.
So when you hold onto the past,
you accept that lie.

Forgiving those who hurt you,
and letting go of your past.
Will bring healing to your body,
and health that will last.

Giving those to God,
who have deeply hurt you.
Will allow God to deal with them,
and help you physically too.

forgive 2

11 thoughts on “Forgiveness: The Healthy Thing to Do…

  1. I have to tell you, when I finally “got it” that it was not my job to fix him, I was ecstatic! There was such a burden lifted. Then God helped me to forgive. I admit, in the beginning my prayer was just, “you take him Lord, or I’ll kill him.” There was a lot of anger I had to let go of. I had to learn to trust God. Great poem Angel, I love your poetry. 😉

    • LOL..I think that it would have been easier if I could have gotten very angry. I had been “trained” to not get angry and I kept trying to “fix” him and his relationship with our children after we split. I knew that I needed to forgive, but forgiveness and friendship were the same for me. I had to learn the hard way that forgiveness did not mean that I needed to continue to communicate with him… sole custody and a restraining order helped with that too… LOL. Thanks for the support…

  2. The whole forgiveness diwscussion would be easier IF we could be certaiin we are all talking about the same thing. But I have asked people what forgiveness means to them and I get different answers. I have my own definition (founded in scripture), but it is way too long to post here.

    My advice to my fellow survivors is forgiveness is not a magic bullet, and there are no time limits. Take your time, put it on the shelf for awhile if you need to. The Lord will understand. We have been pressured enough in our lives to do things we didn’t want to do. If we are not ready, then we are not ready.

    I have not forgiven the person who abused me. That doesnt mean I walk around angry at him all day. I’m content to let the Lord deal with him. But could I look him in the eye and say I forgive you? No way, and I don’t think I will be able to do that for some years to come. Not until some more of the damage he caused is healed.

    • I agree with you. The definition of forgiveness is in scripture. The key is again to give all the hurt, all the pain to God, telling Him that you want to forgive, but have trouble with it. He knows each of our hearts anyway. He will then guide us through the process. Those wounds take years to heal and only God can heal them. But if we willingly hang on to these things, then we open ourselves up to other problems. God bless you Leslie!!.

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