God has a plan for each of us… Wait on Him! (Jeremiah 29:11)

jeremiah 29 11 3

Plans are made for each of us…

  while still  in our mother’s womb.

  These plans are all laid out for us,

  but many move too soon.

 Many do not even realize,

He has it all planned out.

They make their own decisions,

then they cry and shout.

He has made plans for good,

not plans for harm…

but we get too impatient …

  then deceived by someone’s charm.

He has made the plans already,

 to give us a hope and a future.

But I am one who failed to wait

and regretted that adventure.

Failing to wait on the Lord,

I married into abuse.

But praying to the Lord,

He came to my rescue.

He turns all things for good,

and has a plan and a future for me.

But now I prayerfully wait on God,

for He has set me free.

Please don’t make that mistake,

that I made in my life.

Please wait on the Lord,

to bring your husband or your wife.


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