A Poem for Victims: Lingering Triggers (Psalm 107:19)


Memories! Oh, those memories…
triggering responses from the mind.
Like feeling your abuser,
coming up from behind.

Like a single word,
whispered in a threat.
Like a string of curses,
yelled with “you’ll regret”.

Memories! Oh, these memories…
how we long to forget..
they keep triggering responses,
breaking us out in sweat.

Like a threat with a gun,
saying “one day you’ll be dead”.
Those words still linger,
filling victims with dread.

Memories! Oh, those memories…
of someone we once held dear.
Now they are triggers,
with us responding in fear.

Crying or nervous
or shaking in fear…
Responses are triggered,
like the abuser is near.

Memories! Oh, these memories…
of abuse in the past…
Keep triggering responses,
like the abuse still lasts.

Triggers! Oh triggers…
please, please go away!
So memories will be peaceful,
and just plain memories one day.

Jesus! Oh, Jesus!
Heal us all I pray!
So no more distress,
will come our way!

 Lord, help!” they cried in their trouble,   and He saved them from their distress.”  Psalm 107:19 (NLT)

7 thoughts on “A Poem for Victims: Lingering Triggers (Psalm 107:19)

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