God wants a personal relationship with all of us. It is not about religion… it’s about God and His son, Jesus Christ, Who died for all of us to be saved and have eternal life.

God's Enduring Love


THE PURPOSE FOR THIS BLOG IS TO ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, to tell you that God loves you, and wants to bless you and save you.  This is as simple as believing in Him and accepting His gift of salvation and eternal life; to believe in the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ for our  sins.   It is about having faith in God’s Word, the Bible and to live a life pleasing to God, to obey His two great commandments ofLOVING GOD and LOVING ONE ANOTHER.

The emphasis in SOUNDING THE  SHOFAR- Exhortations for the End Times was about faith in God and the importance of studying the Bible to learn how to please God and fulfill His plan and purpose for our lives,  and whether you attend…

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2 thoughts on “SOUNDING THE SHOFAR– (Joel 2:1)

    • Yes, it was about that time that God lead us to learn more about Hebrew roots and the shofar. I have felt for a while that the alarm has been sounded and God is mobilizing His Army. I just found this blog today and had to re-blog it. It is time for people to open their eyes and choose who they will serve…. I just keep praying for hearts to turn to the Lord….

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