Beware: The Words, “LOVE YOU”, Have Different Meanings (John 15:12-13)

“LOVE YOU”… Think about these words.
Many people frequently say or write “Love you” or “Love ya” or “Luv U” or  other various forms of these words. Now, some people may take offense to this. Some people may be uncomfortable with this. Some may read more into this than they should, thinking “romantic love”. And then, some  may be the ones who innocently say this, truly feeling an innocent love for that person.  However, what we all must realize is that there are several types of love, not just one. Unfortunately, many associate “LOVE”  only with sexual love….
 There are 4 types of “LOVE” discussed in the Bible. Each of these “LOVE’s” have different meanings.
EROS LOVE–  refers to sexual love, intimate love, or romantic love… or lust!
STORGE LOVE–  refers to family love or familial love.
PHILIA LOVE–  refers to friendship love or love between friends.
AGAPE LOVE–  refers to a selfless, thoughtful, or unconditional love.  Agape is the purest form of love…a Christ-like love, referring to God’s love for man and man’s love for God and their fellow human beings, not a physical attraction.
So, next time  some one tells you, “Love you!”, realize that it may be a feeling of family or a feeling between friends or a pure unconditional “Christian” love. “Love you” does not necessarily mean a physical attraction.  So for all of those out there who seek “love” in their lives, realize that there are different types and different reasons to say those words…
This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  (John 15:12-13)

19 thoughts on “Beware: The Words, “LOVE YOU”, Have Different Meanings (John 15:12-13)

  1. I’m thinking, this generation has very little or no clue at all about what love is. There is so much emphasis on eros love which is mostly just pure lust. Oh may God help us learn to walk in love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m careful about who I say I love you to, although I use it more than some. Often I end my posts with have a blessed day. As a kid, when I faced abuse, I realized that when my parents said I love you it meant they wanted something from me and it would hurt.

    Have a blessed day 🙂

  3. Our culture has also invented a new meaning for love: sometimes people use it to mean “I am obsessed by you and will not be content until I have total ownership of you.” That meaning can be used by parents, or spouses, or even strangers. Obviously one must flee that kind of love.
    I have also had people start a sentence with “I am only saying this because I love you” and then follow it with some totally devastating remark that has nothing to do with love. Clearly we live in an age where words can be swords.
    Thanks for your post. It is very helpful. CS Lewis wrote a book on this called “The Four Loves” which I read long long ago in my youth and might still be worth reading.
    Good work on this blog.

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  5. You’re so much more eloquent about love than me but thank you for liking my post! We are approaching it from different perspectives but it all comes down to the same thing doesn’t it? More love less of the grim stuff

    • That is right. Infidelity/ adultery hurts more than most people even realize. Reading some of your posts reminds me of the hurt and embarrassment that victims of infidelity suffer.. been there./done that!! What you write about is all about abuse too. Many blessings to you!!

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  10. It maybe just my belief here. But when anyone tells you “luv ya” or “love you”, I feel there is no real meaning behind it and it’s not really personal and heart felt. If the “I” isn’t the first word of the sentiment I’ve always believed it to be false. I’ve never heard any Christian just say “love you Lord”. Just my thoughts! Old weird moi. 🙂 I have Agape for all hence I always say I love you when relaying the sentiment.

    • Hi “Angel51″… yes, I agree with you. Unfortunately, there are many broken or wounded people that seek “love” and hold onto those words as real love. So many are “starving” for affection and love that any of these words, spoken even in friendship, are misinterpreted. This opens them up for more wounds. Thanks for your support Angel!

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