DECEPTIONS… Beware of Lies and Manipulations (John8:32)


DECEPTIONS… Beware of Lies and Manipulations!!  This morning, I wrote a poem about deception. However, I feel that I need to say more on this subject because it is a major problem today… in relationships, workplaces, and politics. This morning I wrote in “Beware… The Web of Liars and Deceivers”:

Oh, what beautiful webs are weaved,
By those who plan to deceive!
A pinch of truth here and there,
but overall deception everywhere.

According to Wikipedia, “Deception or deceit are acts to promote beliefs that are not true, or not the whole truth (as in half-truths or omission). It leads to feelings of betrayal and distrust.”

So, I want to talk to you about the lies and manipulations that are part of deception. The words seem so true. The stories seem so logical. But,  bits and pieces of false information fit right into the true information to make the entire statement seem truthful. This is all done intentionally to manipulate the unsuspecting “victims” and to benefit the liar or manipulator through this deception. Unfortunately, those who are truthful and innocent victims do not suspect that they are being deceived through these lies and manipulations and fall victim to more lies and abuses because of their innocence.
spider webSo, now I want to talk a little more about how these victims fall into these deceptions in relationships. So many people are wanting love and companionship. They hear “Love you” (see my recent post on “Love You”) and their hearts melt. They feel a gentle touch and a heart-felt tug towards that person. They receive a loving hug and their lonely hearts ache for more. A loving kiss leads to more. More kissing, more touching, more, more, more… Now, this victim is truthful. This victim is falling for this “loving” behavior. But is it real???

Now picture the deceptive person saying and doing this to the unsuspecting victim. Their deception does not end with one person but may include many at the same time. His or her desire for “money” or “sex” or “power” may be the driving force or it may be a desire to just use and control other people. Deception gives the deceiver a feeling of power  over their victim. You see, the liar and manipulator of the situation knows the truth… The victim does not.  If the goal of the deceiver is “sex”… the victim’s desire may be to have a loving relationship, marriage, and “making love”. But, when will the deception end. How long will it continue. Will it just be sex or a life-long marriage of love-making?

gated community

Now, there are many people who meet on the internet. There are many internet dating services. I have heard of people meeting on-line and planing to marry without even meeting in person. This picture above is an example of one of the deceptions or half-truths… I guess you could call this a “Gated community” but… So, do you really know a person you meet on-line. Do you even know the person you meet in person. Deception is very hard to identify.

So,  my advice to you is to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing (see my previous post “Little Red Riding Hood”) whether in personal relationships, work relationships, or politicians. Watch for half-truths. Watch for signs of lies that do not match like stories changing. These liars, manipulators, and deceivers are out there and only look out for themselves and really don’t care who or what they hurt or disrupt to get what they want. They don’t shed a tear while their victims are heart-broken or wounded in some way again…

Now a hint: Only God knows the truth! Seek Him and He will guide your path.
John 8:32 says , “and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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9 thoughts on “DECEPTIONS… Beware of Lies and Manipulations (John8:32)

  1. A very useful post. Thank you for sharing your insights about this, it has proven to be indeed very true, for in today’s time, there are a lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Bible does tell us that we should be vigilant, careful, & at all times wary of our surroundings & especially in the people we encounter. God bless you.

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