DP: A Friend in Need…

Finish this sentence: “My closest friend is…”

My closest friend… My closest friend is…
With me… from beginning to end.
No words can fully… fully describe,
the love I feel… deep, deep inside.
When I was broken… broken and alone.
He showed me love… a love never known.
when I was broke… no job in sight.
He told me to trust… and follow the Light.
When I was hurting… pain I couldn’t bare.
He told me to rest… and He would take care.
He was there when I needed… and I will repay.
For He needs me now….He needs me today.
We are His hands… and His feet too.
He calls us to help… and help I will do.
Many more are hurting…many more in need.
He’s calling an army… His call I will heed.
For He picked me up… when I was so low.
Christ is my friend… in case you didn’t know.
He calls you too… to be His friend.
And He will be there… till the very end.

Photo by: hdwallpapers4desktop.com

5 thoughts on “DP: A Friend in Need…

    • You know that this is for you too. Our stories are so similar and He has been there to pick up the pieces of both of our lives. I did not recognize the song but these words were also a song playing in my head. That is why I wrote it differently as I hummed it. Many blessings to you, My Sister!!

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