DP: “A House Divided”… No One Can Serve Two Masters (Mark 3:25)

Daily Prompt: A House Divided


Waking up this morning,
with this song on my heart,
I asked for His guidance,
and this poem is a start.

“A House Divided”,
is the topic for today.
A house divided can’t stand,
is what The Word does say.

This world is divided,
with battles raging on.
But only One has the answer!
Jesus, has the Power alone!

Many search for answers,
seeking gods day by day.
But don’t see The One God,
Jesus is the only Way.

Many surrounded by darkness,
in this fog they can’t see.
But when they speak His name,
the entire darkness must flee.

Others face huge mountains,
they lift hands in defeat.
But these mountains will move,
when Jesus’ name you speak.

Many are held in bondage,
tied with invisible chains.
But these chains will be loosed,
when you cry out His Name.

This whole world is divided,
for so many are deceived.
But there is Power in Jesus name,
for those who do believe.

We are here to overcome this world,
but no one can serve 2 masters.
Choose sides… Jesus or Satan!
But Satan will lead you to disaster.

“A House Divided” will not stand,
and that is where we are today.
I beg you to open your hearts,


Mark 3:25

“If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

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6 thoughts on “DP: “A House Divided”… No One Can Serve Two Masters (Mark 3:25)

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  2. Eloquently stated! Wonderful poetic picture of the importance of Christ in our life. John 14:6 ~ For I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me!

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