Poem: The “Patchwork Quilt” of our lives… (Esther 4:14 )

Beautiful handmade,
Patchwork Quilts…
Made over time,
and precisely built.

Made with pieces of cloth,
various patterns or lines.
remind me of people’s lives,
representing periods of time.

Some pieces are pretty black,
with various sizes or shapes.
Remind me of times in my life,
when I just wanted to escape.

Other pieces are dark blue
like a dark, rainy sky.
Remind me of times in my life,
when I would just cry and cry.

Other pieces are very red,
like a big sign of danger.
Reminds me of times in my life,
when my ex was like a stranger.

Then some are beautiful white,
very shiny and bright.
Remind me of when I was saved,
and finally saw the Light.

So many times in our lives,
represented by a different hue.
But all these times of our lives,
make up a beautiful you.

For each moment in our lives,
adds up like a house built.
Step by step we are made,
like a homemade patchwork quilt.

Though individual pieces of cloth,
may not be beautiful one by one.
It’s beautiful when put together,
and it’s purpose in life has just begun.

Esther 4:14

“… Who knows if perhaps you were made queen for just such a time as this?”

So think about it… maybe we are being put together and being equipped for such a time as this…

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013.

Photo by filminthefridge.com


52 thoughts on “Poem: The “Patchwork Quilt” of our lives… (Esther 4:14 )

  1. That’s life right? Made up of different people, colors, times. It’s up then down, happy then sad, good then bad, made up of different seasons. It’s not always meant to be the same.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! And thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I am thrilled to read your posts of encouragement, hope, and joy! With God all things are possible, even the devastation of healing from abuse! God bless!

  3. Well said! Like the tapestry analogy, each experience with the Master’s hand is woven together to create a Master’s piece that speaks of His compassion, grace, power, mercy, joy, delight and determination to work ALL THINGS together for our good. As I get closer to Jesus I don’t have to struggle with the whys for all my disappointments. I know everyone has to answer to God for their own choices but my heart’s greatest longing is to be whole. So I take my brokenness to Jesus and say fix it. I want to have no hidden agendas. I don’t want to prove anything. I just want to love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind and all my strength and pay forward all the blessings God has poured into my life. I am confident God has annointed you to bring healing and hope and vision to everyone God sends your way. You are the poster child for Romans 8:28. And like the wonan at the well your transformed life is turning others toward the light! Blessings sister!

    • Awe… Your kind words just melted my heart. You have given me confirmation of the calling on my life as I have embarked on this journey with the Lord over the last year. We serve an awesome God! He is the Key to overcoming all that this world does to us and I just pray that many more will see the Light and hold onto Him. It’s all about Him!! Thank you so much for your encouraging words and may God pour out His blessings upon you, my sister!!!

  4. Really deep thoughts there. We who have been though various shades and colors do sure appreciate this wonderful thoughts. They are just a reflection of how far God has brought us.

  5. Interesting synchronicity: I was just considering patchwork quilts in a similar way this afternoon. Love your work, & thanks for following my blog. Blessing and good on you for being a little pen in God’s hand!

  6. I enjoyed reading it. It led me thinking about the life I left behind a patchwork quilt some happy some sad, some full of violence and anguish. Now I can write about it and feel that was me..I am in a better place now bod soul and spirit.

    • Amen…That’s exactly right. All of our lives have parts that are beautiful and parts that are dark and sad… but each life comes together to make a beautiful life. God bless you!!

    • Amen. God loves us so much and uses so many things to touch our hearts and reveal His love, drawing us closer to Him. May God continue to bless you exceedingly and abundantly…

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