18 thoughts on “Post 201: Secret Angel Ministry Logo… and it’s meaning

  1. Hi, I love the new emblem. I tried twice to email you and both times it came back undeliverable. I wanted to let you know that I am very glad we connected too and I look forward to the incredible, God only testimonies that are forthcoming.

  2. Great Logo. Also the color purple is the color of royalty. Lord Jesus is the King of our hearts. And we are the kings sons and daughters of those who are in Christ Jesus who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. We are adopted into the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ Praise God… I can’t wait to see the finished product of this ministries logo. God bless, you, your family and your friends to serve the Lord Jesus Christ all the days of your lives with a close & powerful relationship with Him, Amen.

    • Thank you Brother Steve for your encouragement and support. Also, I am so excited that you like our logo. Yes! Purple is the color of royalty.. The Royal Priesthood. My Lord Jesus Christ continues to amaze me everyday as He guides me. I was praying one day and thanking Him for His guidance when He gave me “Purple Heart”. I really appreciate your prayers for me, my children, and this ministry that God has put in my heart to start. My book, The Walking Wounded, was written with Divine Inspiration and should be released soon. All I can say is God is so good!! Thanks again…

      • Praise the Lord!. If we are truly born again. If we truly have Jesus Christ living us, than He will move His children to pray and encourage one another, stregnthen one another through word and deed. And I praise the Lord that he has established His ministry through you sister, and it’s going forth by the leading, guidance and power of His Holy Spirit, Halleluiah. We are called by Jesus Christ to go out and preach the Gospel, set the captives free and make disciples.Matthew 10 & Isaiah 61 God bless you. sister

      • Amen!! Wow.. The Presence of the Lord was touching me through your message, especially when I read “set the captives free”. I have been given Isaiah 61 before. I am crying as I write this reply. Thank you so much for your prayers and powerful words. God clearly told me to write my book and then lead me to start this ministry which includes this blog. I have no idea how, when , where, etc that He is leading me, but I walk in faith that He will guide and provide for me on the way there.. i appreciate your continued prayers. I am so glad that we have connected. Feel free to email me anytime at secretangel.ps911@gmail.com. May God bless you, my Brother in Christ…

      • Father, thank you for confirming your word. I ask you Father to send Secret Angel ministry to places. Give my sister Your anointing to minister, Speak through her and give her the power of Your Holy Spirit that when you lead her to lay Your Holy Hands upon people, the captives of abuse of all types will be set free, leading people to Your Only Begotten Son. Keep this ministry and all she leads to You in the palm of Your right hand and baptize them in Your Holy Spirit, in Lord Jesus powerful, loving name, Amen.

      • Amen.. Thank you so much. You have me crying again!! Thank you for your prayers. You have no idea how much it means to me… May God bless you in Jesus’ name!! Amen.

      • That’s the anointing of Almighty God through His Holy Spirit, letting you know that He has his hand upon you and He will do what we ask, because it is His WORK going forth in Lord Jesus name.

      • Amen. There is an anointing on your words that I feel as i read your comments and I thank God that He has again given me confirmation of the assignment that He has given me. I really appreciate your prayers and support as i walk this path. Are in located here in the states? I know that God has been making Divine connections and i was just wondering where you were located. Thanks again and God bless you for speaking into my life and praying for our ministry..

      • Awesome. It just amazes me that we never know where the people we are communicating with are from… I join you in praying for our country… Many blessings to you, Brother Steve…

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  4. I love the logo and the meaning behind it. It reminds me of a ministry my friend and I started (it’s in building stages right now) and the logo for it that we brainstormed and my friend created. We had similar ideas to making it. Your logo is very special. (This is a link to the page if you want to see our logo – I don’t have the image in my iPhone camera – http://www.crownedwithbeauty.org

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