Post 202: Origin Story of The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel
Daily Prompt: Origin Story


Wow! God is so good. I had already dedicated today to this blog as I posted my 200th blog entry with a deeper glimpse into my story and why I blog. Then, I posted our new logo for Secret Angel Ministry in progress for the 201st entry. So, even though I did not plan on a third posting today, I feel that I am supposed to write about the origin of my blog, The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel.

I started this blog in May 2013 as God lead me to reach out to victims of abuse. Even the name, Abuse Expose’ were God-given, because I sure did not know what it meant as that name immediately popped into my mind. I can’t even describe how excited I was when I looked it up…

Expose’ means the act or an instance of bringing a scandal or crime to public notice. It also is an article, book, or statement that discloses a scandal or crime. Now as a verb, it means to expose, uncover, reveal, exhibit… Well, that was what God was telling me to do. Abuse has to be exposed! All victims need to speak out! The key to decreasing abuse, breaking the cycle, and healing from the abuse is to expose it.

Now, the second purpose was to help these victims to see their way out of their circumstances and give them hope for their future. God has rescued me,  showed me the way, and I want others to see the Light that guided me out of the darkness of my past. What God has done for me, He can and will do for others. He was the “Life-line” that I held onto and I urge everyone to hold onto the “Life-line”. He is the Key to get through all the trials and tribulations in this world.

I hope that my purpose in writing this blog is being fulfilled. I invite anyone to provide comments in response to tell me what they think.
May God bless each of you…
Secret Angel

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