Relationships… The Word for Today (Part 2)— A Prophetic Word to the Single Children of GOD

Yesterday, God gave me the word “Relationships” to write about. I included a portion of my story on that blog at , as I ignored the warning signs and ended up in an abusive relationship.  Shortly after I wrote this, I received this prophetic word from Brother Steve from Hope For A Hopeless Generation at Brother Steve had no way of knowing that I was just having this conversation with a friend as we were speaking about waiting on the Lord for total guidance and direction for every aspect of our lives. This is no coincidence that Brother Steve got this word for “All Single Children of God”—This word directly from the Lord is Part 2 of the Word that I got yesterday, “Relationships”…


Unfortunately abusers manifest after marriage often times. Although they do show signs leading up to marriage. But are we seeing the red flags and ignoring them, ‘buying into the lie that they will get better, it’s a matter of commitment.’ Or do we see those red flags and don’t want to believe that he/or she is not right for me. Because if we continue down the wrong path, we will pay a heavy price for disobeying the Lord.

SINGLE CHILDREN OF GOD listen:  This is why it is so vitally important to have a real relationship with God first before dating, before marriage so you can hear the literal of voice of Jesus Christ as promised in John 10:14-16: “I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own. As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd.”

PRAY! SEEK the Lord seriously until you get a real clear answer. Seek Him always in everything both small and great. Seriously give your heart soul and body completely over to the Lord Jesus Christ as a righteous and clean temple of the Living God, Holy and pleasing to Him, baptized and filled with His Holy Spirit. Asking Him to reveal all darkness that maybe hidden in relationship in the now and in the future. For He is the light of the world and all things are exposed by His literal presence (John 3:19-21). And let the Lord Jesus Christ lead and guide you into His perfect will and to the future spouse that He so designed for you to have. He is our Shepherd and this is what He has promised in: Psalm 23:1-3. And then HEED to the Voice of the Lord and do what He says when He tells you “No.” Because He is Omniscient: He knows all things. He knows the end of all chapters of life before it ever began. Before He ever laid the foundations of the world He knew us. And we need to trust in the LORD and know that He knows better than we ourselves. 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.”

This Meassage is for someone or possibly many single Christians that will visit this site soon. I pray sister that you relay this message, the Lord Is speaking…

4 thoughts on “Relationships… The Word for Today (Part 2)— A Prophetic Word to the Single Children of GOD

  1. Our Father God is good to protect us and lead us into good, suitable and healthy relationships. I am a living testimony of His goodness in this area.
    For 31 years as a single Christian, God has lead me, guided me and protected me. The principles Brother Steve shared are the very ones God has used to keep me safe and on the God path.

    • Amen.. I too have been covered by His wings and totally reliant on His guidance in every aspect of my life… including this ministry, this blog and my entire future. In my brokenness many years ago, God sent me someone with a message…” just seek Me, just trust Me, I will heal and restore, and orchestrate your life as I bring your future together including the man that I am preparing for you”. I have held onto that promise for many years as I have dedicated my life to the One who put all my pieces back together…thank you my sister for your testimony and support….

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