Fit to Write: “My Tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer” (Psalm 45:1)
Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

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     Walking Wounded,  the song by Secret Angel and Diana Rasmussen

If anyone would have told me over a year ago that I would have written a book, started a blog, written a song, and started a ministry, I would have thought that they had a serious case of mistaken identity. But so much can change in a split second. We don’t know what the future holds for each of us. So, as I wonder about this challenge, “Fit to Write”, I know that most of what I write about has been my life experiences and the challenges that I have had to overcome. You see, what I write most about is abuse and the One who rescued me from abuse.

Like many, I have been a victim of abuse. I have endured verbal, emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, spiritual, financial, economic, and workplace abuses. I have been broken like a million pieces of me scattered all over the floor. But then God showed up and slowly put me back together.

I know that He is the reason that I am “Fit to Write”. Because, I follow what He tells me to do and He tells me to write. He told me to write the book and it is about to be released, “The Walking Wounded”. He sang a song to me and I wrote it down, entitled “Walking Wounded”. Then He brought Diana into my life to record it. I started a ministry, Secret Angel Ministry, to reach out to victims of abuse, and then He had me start this blog, The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel. After only a few months, God opened the door for me to write for ChristianBlessings with an international team of Contributors and global network of readers.

So, even though I was not a writer, I guess I am “Fit to Write” because God tells me to and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, Philippians 4:13. God also told me as I was writing the book that “My tongue is the pen of a ready writer” Psalm 45:1…. So, He speaks to me and I write… I guess that makes me “fit to write.”


Here is our song, “Walking Wounded” by Secret Angel and Diana Rasmussen with proceeds to go to Secret Angel Ministry to help victims of abuse….

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23 thoughts on “Fit to Write: “My Tongue is the Pen of a Ready Writer” (Psalm 45:1)

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  2. Nothing too difficult for God! God has placed gifts and talents in all of His children. There is a place for everyone.
    And, all of His children have value. He gave His life to demonstrate His great love for all humankind.

  3. I can hear the heartbeats
    I can hear the heartbeats
    The wounded are being restored
    Hearts mended and feeling again
    The pain is going, going gone

  4. Yes, you are fit to write! It is in the fulness of time, when doors open wide and you find yourself in the midst of fulfilling your destiny, You can say with Joseph, what was mean for evil, God has turned into huge triumph! It did not bury you but helped build your character for the platform you now have.

  5. I feel so many are writing words from heart and spirit, thank you for writing so beautifully…it is often in our writing we hear the inner world, we write so often without even really knowing what it is we are receiving until we read it back, it is such a joyous gift, an expression of the inner self, an expression of our divine connection, and a way of touching the lives of others in ways that touch the heart and soul…words can be kisses….when acid is thrown into beautiful faces….we can at least reflect on how often we have chosen acidic words to throw in the face of others….when we could so easily have chosen words that kiss the heart and soul….man so often destroys the beauty of his God given world, but we can keep believing in the power of love and the strength of human spirit.

    • Amen… always remembering that God is Love (1 John 4:8). He has set the example for all of us to follow. The world would be so different if we all functioned out of love and respect for our fellow man. Thank you for your encouraging words and God bless you!

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