DP Standout– Poem: The Key to Wholeness

Daily Prompt: Stand Out

To be a stand out,
is not what I want to be.
Better to fade into woodwork,
where no person can see.
For what I do is in secret,
the world will not know me.
For I rest in His Presence,
protected and hidden by Thee.

For I need no outward reward,
no glory or fame..
For I am His daughter,
and He calls me by name.
I owe Him my life,
for He came to my rescue.
And what He did for me,
He can do for you too.
For I found the Key,
to escape from all the drama.
Hiding in His Presence,
He’ll heal you from all your trauma.
So I gave Him my life,
saying, “Lord, use me!”
Now I walk in obedience,
saying whatever will be, will be.
I pray for each of you,
to be victims no more.
and you’ll find the Key,
to open that new door.
The door to Peace,
and a new life in Thee.
Wholeness is available,
and Christ is the Key!!

Photo by : whowillyouserve.blogspot.com

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