FLY…Let go and soar (edited)

This song started playing in my head and I felt that I needed to repost it. I have said that God can use any kind of music. This music makes me feel like soaring to new levels with Christ. We have to let go of our past and hold onto God, expecting the unexpected for nothing is impossible with God….

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

FLY…Let go and soar!!!
This is the feeling that I have right now. Watch this video with this song, Van Halen’s Dreams:

Recently, I have pondered over what to write in these blogs and I have decided to write as the Spirit leads me. I can tell you that right now, my spirit is soaring with an excitement and an expectation that is indescribable. Only God knows what the future holds for me, but there is a feeling in the atmosphere, an expectancy, that something big is being orchestrated. Music keeps playing in my head with a feeling of bursting through the clouds…and just in case you think that I am crazy…no, I’m not. It’s like watching a movie and the music changes when something is about to happen, so you expect something to happen, but you just don’t know what it is…. until it does happen!

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