FLY… Reach for New Levels of Faith


I have had so many thoughts floating in my head today about faith and overcoming. I know that God is calling us up to new levels of faith in Him. I feel that God is putting people on fast-tracks of faith. Where some believers have been studying the Bible and learning about God for 30 or 40 years, God is putting people on a “fast track”…teaching them Himself.

I have also learned that every obstacle that we encounter in this life is a test to see how we will overcome. With each obstacle that we pass, we gain levels of strength and levels of faith that we can overcome that obstacle. Picture life as an actual obstacle course with climbs, jumps, and things to struggle with. As we achieve each level the next level gets a little harder. But as we achieve them, we have faith that we can do it again. There are many things that happen in life which are painful and not fair. But, these obstacles that we face are the catapults that can throw us into God’s loving arms as we cry out and reach out to Him. He wants us to overcome. He is calling us to higher levels of faith to trust Him that He can do anything… He wants us to expect the unexpected and believe in the miraculous again…

Remember Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

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28 thoughts on “FLY… Reach for New Levels of Faith

  1. Today, may we come to know that we are to spend time w’s a love call for our well being & fulfills like no other love for God is love!!!!

    Come up higher as the song proclaims..
    Everyone is the same
    God wants to heal and bring new life
    For everyone will gain
    His love is intoxicating
    And, brings to all the same
    Peace, joy and righteousness
    It is the GAIN that will remain

  2. Impressed to share….

    If there is something that seems IMPOSSIBLE in your life

    This is the very thing we should BELIEVE for from GOD

    With GOD ALL things are POSSIBLE

    • Thanks for these words that you speak into my life as we wait on the Lord for the miraculous!! Where God has brought me has already been miraculous but I just wait in faith for the fulfillment of His plan for our lives… far more that we could ever do on our own. Many blessings to you my friend….

  3. Absolutely, it certainly took severe pain and trauma for me to find and learn about God. His Grace and Mercy has kept me. I go to Him with every aspect of my life and trust Him to lead and guide me to what and whom is best for me.

    • Amen.. That is exactly it! He was the only thing that was Truth in my life so I hung onto Him for my life and have not let go… Thank you for your continued encouragement as we both reach out to others who are broken to show them the way out of darkness and into the Light…

    • To plant seeds of hope and declare to other victims that they can overcome as well is what God has put in my heart for the many who remain broken by this world. I pray that they will open their hearts to receive… Thanks for following and may God bless you…

      • Must share………

        God wants to say to HIS people
        Open your arms RECEIVE

        God is pouring out of His spirit and opening doors and the windows of Heaven right now

        NO need be left out….
        The BLESSINGS are for ALL

        And, all that is necessary is for HIS children to RECEIVE

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