TRUST… How to Trust Again?

Trust was the word that I got today…   so I dedicate this poem to all of you who have been wounded by those that you loved and your trust was broken.  Abuse, adultery, abandonment… all of these destroy the trust that we develop in others as children . I pray for healing for all of you and total restoration as you TRUST GOD with your life….

A simple word to most.
But hardly simple!
My past full of ghosts.

Simply done as a child.
But hardly simple,
when destroyed by vile.

How do I trust again?
When it’s destroyed,
and new trust has to begin.

But how is it learned?
When it’s desecrated,
and it has to be earned.

Friends without trust?
To have a relationship,
then trust is a must!

to open my heart again…
to another man,
to be more than friends?

Seemingly impossible task!
When you’ve lived a lie,
with a man wearing a mask.

How can I trust another man?
I will try to trust,
only if God gives me his hand.

There’s only one Trust I see!
I only trust God…
the One who rescued me.

I trust God with my life.
So I’ll trust God,
when He says it’s time to be a wife.

When God says it’s he!
Then I will trust God,
in a relationship of 3.

For marriage should not be 2!
Thank you Lord for showing me…
a marriage is husband, wife, and you!

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19 thoughts on “TRUST… How to Trust Again?

  1. Thank you for this NOW word, TRUST.
    My prayer today is Lord help us all to TRUST; then, OBEY…

    The road to blessings requires a first step by us…TRUST and OBEY
    As the hymn of days gone by instructs us just TRUST and OBEY.

  2. Oh how hard to open my heart and vulnerable to another! But with God I have found the strength and grace to trust, to obey, to believe, to forgive, and to live!! There is no healing like that of the Savior Jesus Christ! As I continue to read your posts, I find more treasure, more blessings. May God keep you and grow your ministry to touch the lives of those all around the world!

    • Amen.. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. I just write as the Lord leads, walking in obedience and praying that a seed can be planted into the broken hearts around the world to begin to TRUST THE LORD!! Many blessings to you my friend….

  3. Trust is restored with forgiveness and breaking the ungodly vow to never trust anyone again. Trust comes from knowing God heals the broken hearted and bind up their wounds. Trust is relying on God and not our own understanding. Trust yields to God.

  4. Trust is a struggle for us isn’t it? Like you I trust that God knows that and I trust Him to place trustworthy people in my life, people who will love me and care for the best for my life. I have a few people like that in my life today. What I have to work on is trusting that if I open myself up to them and allow them to know the real me they will still love me and won’t abandon me. It’s so God because recently I have been really thinking about this and wanting to work on it before it is too late I find myself old, sick and alone.

    • That’s it again. I totally agree. Sounds like you and I have both walked similar paths. I have had to trust God to protect me from deceitful and manipulative people while He has strengthened me. I pray that He will give us the discernment to be able to identify those people and continue to orchestrate our paths. I know that He was telling me to continue to trust Him too. God is so good and so loving. I pray that He will touch the hearts of millions of victims, turning their hearts to Him. God bless you!!

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