The 3 A’s of Brokenness— ABUSE, ABANDONMENT, AND ADULTERY… This is the word that I got today that I will share. May the Lord open hearts to receive His message….


The world today is so accepting of so many wrongs in this life. As we watch movies filled with violence and sexual improprieties, we unknowingly allow these things to become acceptable and lower the standards which have previously been set. Now, as I got the word improprieties as I was writing this, I was led to look up the definition….

 Impropriety:  (noun)  A failure to observe standards or show due honesty or modesty; improper language, behavior, or character.  (Synonym) Indecency.

Well, as you can see, impropriety is not a word that I usually use and I always want to make sure that what I am hearing is not just me… so, no!!  God is leading me to give you this message!

Beware of the things that you allow into your life! Watch the gates to your soul! Your eyes and your ears are gates unto which the wrongs of this world get introduced into your soul where you begin to accept it as normal and as totally acceptable. Many years ago, television and radio was not allowed to utter any fowl language, any curse words, any sexual explicit images whether visually or verbally. Times have changed where the world is allowing more and more to be acceptable with violence on video games for small children and violence on television and movies for our “enjoyment” and “entertainment.” Many watch these “reality” shows and movies with sexuality and immoral behaviors glamorized. Even the violence of rape has been glamorized and immortalized (again.. looked up and means bringing fame upon). This has caused many victims to hide in secret the violence that occurs to them to avoid the repeat  victimization that occurs now in society.

The 3 A’s of brokenness are not acceptable…abuse, adultery, and abandonment!! God set the standards for our behavior many years ago. Let us all reach for that standard again. It starts by watching what we view as acceptable and rising to the standard that God would consider acceptable…


  1. Thank you for this challenge to maintain God’s standard for daily living. God has asked us to be light and salt to a broken world as scripture directs.

  2. Speaking to abandonment……

    Abandonment is a foundation that the enemy uses to build destruction in our lives—killing, stealing & destroying. Abandonment is the feeder root for rejection, fear, feelings of being devalued & useless person, a sense of not belonging as well as many other struggles we find ourselves encountering in life.

    Today, my prayer is Lord, may we be rooted in love and may abandonment no longer have a hold on us or rule our lives. Lord help us know we are loved in whatever state we are in and no matter what we’ve done or didn’t do. For perfect Love, YOU, can secure us provide the foundation that we need to succeed in this life. Let the thief steal no more!!!!

  3. I agree with you, standards are low these days and I hate to see adultery, abuse etc sensationalised as entertainment. Foul language is another good example. But I do believe that until the church is able to fluently understand the language of the world it will remain impotent against it. I don’t mean we should all start swearing, but we need to be less shocked by it. I don’t think Jesus is as shocked by bad language as we are. And after all, the world He walked in would have been rife with it. I remember before I got saved I was a terrible gossip, but there was one person in my life who didn’t gossip or bitch about others, and she was a Christian. She didn’t lead me to the Lord but she did amplify the dirt that came out my mouth, she made me conscious of it without pointing a finger at it, and it was one of many chinks in the chain that eventually linked me to Christ.

  4. Because of the stuff on TV I don’t have it. I have kids and I don’t want them watching it. Even if you are watching a good show, the commercials will not be good. We watch movies on DVD instead and buy a new one about once every 3 months or so when I can afford it. I get the news from the internet. My kid play games instead of watching TV.

  5. I was once told a great way to decide what to watch and listen to…if you can see yourself sitting comfortably with Jesus in the same room with you while you listen and watch the program then its probably okay to partake. Just thought I would share that because it does help me:) God bless sister.

    • So true. Thanks for the message. I also purchased a Filtered DVD which keeps out bad language. Even children need to understand to guard their gates because people get desensitized to things that they see and hear… it becomes normal. Thanks for your support.

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