Broken to the depths of devastation…
Healed to the levels of transformation …
Blessed to the heights of expectation…
Overcoming from the DISASTROUS…
TO walk in the MIRACULOUS!
A possibility for all of us!


    • The Lord gave those words to me today… I know that He wants to heal all the broken so we just keep reaching out to them and planting seeds of hope to the hopeless and praying… Thanks.

  1. I feel as though our souls are touching…This so much mirrors my journey of the last six years. I am currently re-writing my novel and will re-submit it to Amazon when it’s done. Reading your posts has given me courage to give it more depth…There have been crystals of light in the room whilst I’m doing it…In some ways I had wanted to protect the man and softened some of the practices…The pure intention of exposing the self-serving ways of man is to shine light into our erring ways…that man may come to know his full potential….I have an expectation of this that comes from a one and only direction….When I fell apart God stepped in as part of the glue…I was put back together with a very strong bonding.

    • Amen… I know what you mean. From the depths of my brokenness to where I am now is truly miraculous for God stepped in to my life as well and had to put me piece by piece back together. God is reaching out to the multitudes of wounded people right now to let them know that what He has done for you and I, He can and will do for others. I have written a book as led by God about abuse and includes my story. It’s called The Walking Wounded and will be released soon. Please let me know about your book as well. God is building His Army to fight abuse and my friend, we are both enlisted… The battle is on!!!

      • Amen. I will and I will look for forward to reading yours. The more of us who can get these messages out there the better. I feel women are coming into the power of the Divine Feminine, and this will help heal man of his wounds. God Bless. I am still re-writing and trust Divine Timing. I was asked to go out just now and church bells chimed just as I walked by, with a beautiful full moon over-head. We are all one…and one does not harm itself. Many women are coming into my life in need of healing and as I help from a natural place, rather than rescue energy, they then bring me inspiring words for the story. We are all inter-connected, x

      • Amen again. God has told me to stay in the Secret Place, praying for the broken, where my prayers in secret will be answered… so my book is by Secret Angel and my blog is with Secret Angel. I will pray for God to send more wounded to you who are reaching out in a natural place as we continue to pray for Secret Angel Houses where more victims can be safe and learn about our Savior who sets us free. May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly my friend….

  2. Walk in the miraculous indeed. What’s impossible with man is possible with God!!!!!!

    God is calling us to believe for the very things we cannot see
    We long for these things to be as they are just, noble, good & right like things ought to be
    And, HE knows that he is GOD and well able to deliver to thee
    Just BELIEVE and you will see

    • Amen!! Amen!!! That is what His Word says and so many of us have fallen short of fulness of His plan for our lives because of disbelief.. So I walk forth in faith, believing all of His promises for if you believe, you shall receive..Nothing is impossible for the Creator of this universe and the “Lover of my soul”…

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