“The Walking Wounded!” (Revealed….)

I felt that I was to re-post this today to go along with “Let the Trumpet Sound! Sing for the Victims!”   I started this blog as God lead to reach out to victims of abuse to give them hope to see their way out of their situations. These were some of my first postings in May. Since then, God has opened the door for this song to be recorded with the proceeds planned to help victims of abuse and for Secret Angel to  contribute to ChristianBlessings to reach out to more wounded out there. Here is the song by Secret Angel and Diana Rasmussen of Prayers and Promises:

Diana Rasmussen: Walking Wounded

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel



As I wrote in my earlier blog today (written at 2am when I could not rest or sleep from the stirring within me), “Let The Trumpet Sound! Sing for the Victims”, https://secretangelps911.wordpress.com/2013/05/25/let-the-trumpets-sound-sing-for-the-victims-joshua-620/, I was driving down the road yesterday when this song starting playing in my head. No radio on. No other thoughts, but just concentrating on turning down the right road and avoiding traffic. The words were clear..
“So much hurt! So much pain! The Walking Wounded! That’s their name”.

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5 thoughts on ““The Walking Wounded!” (Revealed….)

  1. Yes, come all Walking Wounded….

    Jesus said (paraphrased) in Matthew 15:30….
    If you are wounded, sick, battered, weary and broken, come to me and I’ll cure it all.

    Jesus said (paraphrased) in Matthew 11:28
    If you need relief, rest and are suffering, I have a time of refreshing for you. Come to me and your load will lighten and you’ll be free.

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